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Finding a lucky feng shui spot for my office

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How do I Choose a Lucky Feng Shui Area? What to look for?
My experience says that there are rules for what to look for in an area, but results are always surprising and unpredictable. There are many HIDDEN factors that make readings seem illogical. 

An Upper Middle Class Suburb – Good
I know a hotel in a very average area which quadruples my daily revenue.  ts next to a supermarket which makes good money.  But the whole area for miles around there gets me good feng shui readings. Its a very regular upper middle class area. However, most houses there had a double income and hard working people lived in the area including many Asian Americans. 

Wealthy Lazy Areas – Bad
Another area with rich people was disasterous for my business. I decided that the rich people there had already made there money and were slacking off which is disasterous for feng shui.

Koreatown – Up and Coming = Good
The irony is that the predominant language in Koreatown is Spanish, with English in second place.  Koreatown is a place where people from around the world come to America to work and work hard.  The average income is low due to the large percentage of illegal immigrants from Central America. However, income of a neighborhood is not the most important factor.  People there are working hard, offices of all sorts are on the main drag with people working hard.  Nighttime people stay awake and read and study.  Its very busy there and has an up and coming energy even though its a slightly slummy area in many ways. People are working hard and on their way up, and the key word here is up.

Ukiah – New Infrastructure
Ukiah, California is a regular stop for me. I like it there and the energy agrees with me.  There is nothing to do there.  However, the area where the hotel is has all new shops, restaurants and hotels around it.  The area is prosperous, but not wealthy.  This is a place where new sales are 2.7x what they are in my home.  It could be an inate energy of the town, or perhaps its due to the new energy of the buildings which were mostly constructed within the last decade.


Seaside Waves and Mountains
Being in a valley where there is a flow of energy helps you capitalize on nature’s feng shui.  The other examples emphasized cashing in on manmade work oriented energies.  Yosemite has good feng shui due to the inflow of water and qi (prana) from the rivers flowing into the valley. The valley with its tall “walls” funnels the qi as it flows Westwardly towards the central valley. This is a wonderful place to get feng shui readings and is very spiritual too.  Areas on the coast are effected by the water energies of the ocean.  But, the energies are much better when the water is moving.  Days with high waves are very potent for feng shui, and my income goes up when I stay in a place within a quarter of a mile of high waves.  We sometimes have good wave height in Northern California during the winter, but the rest of the year the seas are placid. Spending time near a rushing river or waterfall will also help you capitalize on the moving water qi.  You can study how it effects your business. But, if your staff members are taking the day off the day you went to the waterfall, you might not have any sales statistics to analyze.

Look for up and coming areas where there is hussle and bustle.  Areas with hills can be good, but you must be in an area where energy is channeled and is slowly moving and nurturing what it passes. Being at the top of a hill is an example of where not to be on a hill.  Being near a bend on a river could get you some chaotic energies which the ancients have written novels about. I don’t know the details on this, but that is a point to consider. Areas with new buildings are good, and areas with a pleasant feeling that combine nature and housing are a plus too.

In India
If I were in India, I would go straight for a new development with hard working people.  A new office park, or new housing development.
Make sure that for three or four blocks in any direction you see…new.  New mixed with old gets you mixed energies and mixed
energies give you mixed results.   Old areas attract people with old ideas, and retirees, and that is bad for work related feng shui. If you are retired, being in a retiree  area will have energies which support your activity — which is non-activity.  If everybody in the area where your prospective building is are losing money, then no matter how beautiful the area is, you will be sorry you moved there in terms of feng shui.  So, make sure people are prospering and growing, and not just looking like they are prospering. Real feng shui involves a compass, complicated calculations, intuition, and a deep knowledge.  Few of you have time for all of this, so try to understand a few basic principles, use your senses, and track the results of how where you stay effects your life!