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Trends in outsourcing & immigration are suprisingly similar

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What do I mean?
When people immigrate, they tend to immigrate to the same destinations. Nobody goes from California to Ohio. But, many people go from Michigan to California. People immigrate to America. But, how many would immigrate to India even if there were jobs there? Syrians are in a huge hurry to get to Sweden and Germany. But, if all of the other Syrians go there, how many opportunities will be left? How come the Syrians don’t want to go to India or China? That’s where the money is! My point is that people’s minds are limited. Most people cannot fathom doing anything that other people are not doing in mass. If everyone else is wearing a green shirt, you will want to wear one too. If everyone else is jumping off a cliff, you’ll probably do it too without a second thought.

Outsourcing is popular in India. It is such a trend that even if it becomes a bad idea to do outsourcing, people will continue doing it just like they continue selling corn on the street even if not a soul will buy it from them.

But, the countries with high unemployment are not doing outsourcing — and perhaps they should. They don’t do it or much of it perhaps because it has not yet become a culturally engrained behavior. I have never heard of a Madrid based BPO specializing in data entry. I haven’t heard of a Somali Call Center. When was the last time you got an inquiry from an Italian technical support company? No, the emails are almost all coming from Mumbai or Manila, not Mogadishu.

So, with a labor shortage in America and India, maybe it is time to venture into other countries and set up outsourcing operations. Labor rates in Pakistan, Kenya, and Rome are a lot easier to deal with than Bombay or Boston. The question is — who will make the first move

Do you have a friend that gives you good luck?

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Sometimes it is hard to know who your most beneficial friends are. But, I have a collection of stories about mine. I have three people in my life who I am close to who all give me excellent luck.

My Housemate
My housemate is a lady who I have known for years. Although we don’t always get along, in the long run we are still friends. Many of my most valuable contacts and social connections came to me as a result of her including my psychic who I think is one of my top three most prized relationships. Through my housemate I have been introduced to dozens of interesting people throughout the years, and she has many interesting stories and experiences to share as well. I have been happily living in my current location for 15 years as a result of knowing her. And yes, we met in meditation — so go to satsangh today!

My Webmaster
My webmaster is someone I have known for seventeen years. I started out with another guy who was just a pain in the neck. They were unfriendly about getting anything done and were always trying to gouge me. How selfish. So, finally one day I had had it and found someone new. I have been with my current webmaster forever and he has become like a family member. Additionally, we go out from time to time and I have had the most meaningful discussions about personal and business topics during these outings. I got excellent programming help for years through him. Later on he stopped being involved in programming and started social media where he offered excellent help to me as well. There were many times where he saved my neck when there were emergencies regarding servers as well.

But, there’s more. Whatever projects I start with my webmaster seem to have a good luck charm. We created my site 123notary together and that turned into a huge money maker and long term life changer. My life would be a disaster if that site hadn’t done well. He was the only guy with programmers who would actually cooperate and do good work which helped me a lot. Additionally, he got me going on Facebook and blogging which both became a huge success. Perhaps 50% of my web traffic comes directly or indirectly as a result of my social media activities. Last month we got 7500 clicks from Facebook which lead to exponentially more clicks to my site. Last, but not least, I have been studying feng-shui for twenty years. My webmaster and I went on a trip to a great feng-shui place and it proved to be the best luck I’ve ever seen. Since then I have been going regularly and prospering. Last, but not least, something very lucky resulted from a phone conversation two months ago where I wanted to help him with feng-shui. I told him that feng-shui could help him with his social media campaigns of which he has hundreds. But, that I didn’t know how it worked. So, I spent two months researching locations that stimulate the qi energy that helps social media campaigns and miracles happened!

My Psychic
My psychic is responsible for helping me interpret my dreams, deal with emotional situations, plan my business and more. Half a year ago we spent 12 hours channeling the greatest business minds out there. Some were alive and some were in spirit form while others were group consciousness(es) that we tapped into. This was the most meaningful business activity I had ever done. Additionally, he was the one who told me to become an expert at feng-shui. I studied it very seriously and now have a long list of locations with a wide variety of feng-shui positive attributes that nobody else knows about or can understand the theory behind. He has changed my life in such a huge way.

A Final Note
Sorry, that I keep writing about feng-shui which is something you probably know little or nothing about. But, I visit places for an hour at a time once per day which give me good luck that helps me get more sales, more clicks on social media, retreive older customers, etc. I am not actually meeting anyone at these places. They just have good energy and are places like restaurants, or hanging out next to an office building, movie studio, etc. It seems very unassuming, but I assure you that the power of qi energy can change your business and health if you understand how to use it effectively.

Inbound Call Center

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Are you looking for an international inbound call center? We have dozens of great inbound call centers listed on The companies listed with us specialize in appointment setting, order taking, BPO, customer care, technical support, and more. Most of the companies listed in our inbound call center search results are located in the Philippines.

Our Filipino Call Centers are located mostly in Manila, Makati City, Davao, Cebu, and a few other areas as well. Find Manila Call Centers or Find Filipino Call Centers on

Inbound call center contracts for can really vary from company to company. Some will allow you a one or two month contract while others demand a year. There are a few that will allow you to book services one day at a time as well if you prepay them. We recommend interviewing the actual call center agent before hiring any company. If possible, try them out on a inbound call center project before committing to a long term call center contract.

How should your BPO be using social media?

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Do you use social media? Most of us do. Do you use it for your outsourcing outfit? Many people do. But, are you using it the right way?

Most companies engage in a lot of self-promotion, boring industry news, and don’t make an effort to constantly maintain their social media profiles.

Get a blog & then promote it on FB, TW, etc.
To do well in social media you need your own content in the form of a blog. You could have a forum if you have some serious industry players who like to interact on your medium as well. Then, you need a way to promote that blog such as a newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any of the other mediums. Despite all of the new kids on the block, I have never seen a social media platform perform even 10% as well as Facebook does when it comes to harnessing the power of clicks. Mark Zuckerberg — my hero! Another reason I like Facebook is that Mark Zuckerberg speaks Chinese as a second language and so do I.

Blogging from A to Z
The problem is that blogs don’t just write themselves. You need a constant supply of ideas every month. You should be publishing at least 12 articles a month. But, where will you come up with those ideas and who will do the writing? Next, you should ideally have some nice photos to put in the blog articles. If you write about how great your company is, nobody will be interested. But, if you take industry information, jazz it up and make it interesting, you might get some readers. Roughly 5% of your blog articles should be self-promoting. After you have gained a loyal following, you can try to sell them a little bit. But, honestly, the real selling happens when people are impressed by your level of knowledge and sophistication in your blogging. If you become a source or the source of industry specific information in your specialty — people will flock to you without any attempt to sell them anything. That is the secret. So, get writing my friends!

Facebook, etc.
Once you have some blog articles, the next step is to promote them. You can promote to existing clients via a newsletter. However, you also need to reach new prospects, and social media platforms are a great way to do this. My Notary directory gets tons of traffic from Facebook. I study what works well on Facebook and create more content based on that data. The problem is that it takes years to develop a good Facebook following even with paid advertising. We have been using Facebook since 2009 with amazing results, but it didn’t happen overnight or by accident.

Ideas for writing
You can write about what others in your industry are doing in the form of stories. Stories are fun to read and will gain you followers. You can write how to articles. Nothing is more popular to read than how to. Writing about what goes on in your office will help people get to know you before they ever talk to you. The closer people feel to you, the more likely they will actually use your service one day. Show photos of what you did on Valentine’s day, Diwalli, or Ramaddan, etc.

Is there a faster way?
Succeeding on the internet can be fast if you sell a product. But, competition for products is so bad, that your competition will be equally fast in putting you out of business. Success takes time and a lot of effort. But, it is also fun. So, start using social media for your business today!

50 million muslims are refugees. Here is how the world can help

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With all of the unrest going on, there are about 50 million displaced people in the world right now, mostly Muslims. Western countries had the idea that they would “do their share” and “chip in” to absorb a few hundred thousand of the victims. Honestly, there are ongoing debates about how to background screen people to make sure they aren’t terrorists, and these debates go on and on while refugees are suffering living in tents with no jobs. Even if America lets in 10,000 of them, what will the other 49,990,000 do? Think about it. There needs to be a solution where everybody has a home, a job and hopefully an iPhone too.

My solution is for the Western countries to all get together and create a country out of nowhere — out of nothing. That probably means “stealing” land from some broken state somewhere in Africa or in Afghanistan. Those places are mostly controlled by rebels who are thieves themselves. Is it a sin to steal from a thief? Is there any honor among thieves anyway?

If the world powers got together, created a joint army or new organization to create a state for the stateless, this would be part one of a solution. The next step would be to get the corporations together to set up some sort of simple manufacturing. Nothing too capital intensive since the locations would not be politically stable. But, the benefit would be that the world could benefit from the labor of 50 million people, and those 50 million would have a home, a job, and perhaps an iPhone too.

As a general rule, with the world becoming more international, I think we need many states throughout the planet that are international zones that anyone from anywhere who has been background checked can go.

Twitter has changed it’s game. My retweets are being ignored!

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News from the Twitterverse
I remember the good old days. Perhaps a year ago in Twitter time. I retweeted a lot of content and got a lot of retweets to my retweets. It was easy. I figured out what my audience liked and gave it to them with a click of a button. But, it’s not working any more. I retweet fascinating stuff, and I rarely get any attention. Why?

Followers coming in droves
But, on a brighter note, it is easier to get new followers. A year ago I had to spend two hours a day on Twitter to get 120 followers. Now, I can get about 200 new followers in about two hours of work. The work consists of following, unfollowing those who didn’t follow me back, favoriting a dozen or so posts, and posting my own content. If you want to know how to get Twitter followers, follow this model.

Where I find my content
Rather than retweeting hot content, I look on Google to see what is hot in the various categories I tweet about. I find good articles there and post them with tweet titles that I think of myself with great tags. I spend a little time on this because a catchy title will get lots of play. The result is that I can easily get between five and twenty interactions on most of my posts without even trying that hard. But, the even better content I share from other accounts by retweeting gets ignored. Interacting helps too. But, you have to be classy how you interact. Most people have dull comments to make where there is nothing you can say in return. This doesn’t help.

Publish or perish!
So come out with your own content, or publish other people’s content under your account rather than sharing. Sharing is history! The new Twitter is about posting.

BPO & Call Center categories doing well on 123outsource

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123outsource has been online for about eight years now. We slowly added to the site and slowly refined it. We are continuing to do quality control by removing defunct listings and interacting with all companies listed to feel them out to see who sounds better. We will additionally be interviewing the workers at some of the call centers and hiring a few on test projects to see how cooperative and good they are.

The BPO and Call Center pages on are doing much better than the other categories and also receive more attention from those who spend advertising money with us. As a result, we have increased our budget for what we pay on Google Adwords to attract more visits from the United States in those respective categories.

As time goes on we will continue to gain sophistication in our methods for refining our search results and increase our advertising budget so we can dominate search for call centers throughout the world. Wish us luck and feel free to advertise on!

Find Indian Call Centers

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Do you need to find an inbound Indian call center or Delhi call center? Try outbound Call Centers in India specialize more in technical support, lead generation, and outbound sales while the Filipino call centers specialize more in customer care, appointment setting and inbound services. has technical support call centers in India in every major metro. We have Mumbai Call Centers, Delhi Call Centers, Bangalore Call Centers, Bombay Call Centers, Noida Call Centers, and more.

Additionally, many of the companies that advertise in our inbound call center or outbound call center page also do technical support, so please feel free to browse around our various categories.

Some Indian technical support call centers specialize in particular types of software or devices such as android, iphones, etc. Others are willing to learn about your particular technical needs and will customize their service accordingly.

How to get a process for a call centre

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There are many startups in India who want to be in the call centre business. They rent an office with 20 seats, and want to know how to get processes from clients. If you want to know how to get a process for a call centre, there are several ways to go about this.

1. Get an agent
There are agents that can get you clients for your call center. However, many call centre agents demand up front fees and might not deliver. So, you need to find a way to pay by the lead. If you lack experience in the industry and lack any track record, no established agent will want to deal with you, so you will be forced to deal with scam artists.

2. Start slowly as a freelancer
I think it makes more sense to start from the ground up in outsourcing. There is a lot to know about the outsourcing process, management, work, metrics, finance, etc. You might have an easier time if you start off as a freelancer, and get your own clients. Then after some time, you can hire one or two additional people to help you with the work. You can build up slowly which is good, because those who rise too fast in this business fall the hardest and can lose everything!

3. Advertise on
People get a lot of jobs from advertising their call centre on You probably will not get enough work to fill your call center, but it is a nice way to get some extra leads that can add up to some hefty projects. One of our clients got a contract for 250 seats from our directory. It is not expensive to advertise with us, but the benefits can be huge!

4. Get a website
If you don’t have a website for your call center, create a nice one. If you make a good impression, people will be more likely to hire you than other call centers.

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Here is a list of stupid things BPO companies do to look for clients

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It is unbelievable how incompetent some people at overseas BPO companies can be. The emails, the online requests, the forum entries requesting genuine processes, it just doesn’t end. So, I decided to compile a list of dumb things people do to market their BPO services.

1. Commenting on Blogs
When you comment on someone’s blog entry, that can gain positive attention if you leave a URL to follow. The problem is, that 99% of the comments I get on my blog are desperate and illiterate people begging for processes. I get requests like, “Dear sir, I am desperate, please give me process.” I get, “I have a 25 seater and require a process.” Don’t they get it that I don’t give people processes? I run a directory. When I ask them to pay a small fee to get listed where hundreds of thousands of people will see them — they ignore me. Instead, they spam my blog and just get erased. Idiots!

2. Filling out the “I want to use this company” form.
On there is a button you can click if you intend to use a particular company. We use it for tracking. Unfortunately, most people who use that form are so stupid they leave their resume. The form is for people GIVING a job, not for people who are BEGGING for a job. Instead of begging for work, it might make sense to get more schooling so you might have more to offer. That way people would be begging you to work for them instead of the other way around.

3. Sending clueless emails
“Dear sir, I am responding to you about the process.” There is no process, and never was. First of all, if you are emailing me, learn who I am and what I do. I run a directory. You can ask me if you want to be listed –that’s it. If you have no experience or knowledge, don’t ask me about starting a BPO because you will fail. It takes management experience to run a BPO — something you don’t have! If people sent an email saying that they offer such and such a service, and please respond if you are interested that would be better. The best type of correspondence is to know who you are talking to and ask them if they have any software or call center needs. Information gathering and small talk are the best ways to start a business relationship.

4. Hiring agents
If you hire an agent to help you get genuine processes, they usually require money up front which you will never see again. Pay only once you get a lead unless you know the company has a good reputation. There are lots of con men out there, so don’t get duped.

Top Call Centers

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Find top call centers right here on Try! We have top call centers all over the world in places like India, The Philippines, South Africa, Canada, America, and other countries. We have call centers in Manila, technical support call centers in India, Software companies in India & Eastern Europe, and more. In total we have 28 specialties for different types of outsourcing services.

Additionally, we routinely filter our search results to get rid of call centers that went out of business as well as BPOs that don’t act professional. So, let be a source of quality search results for your outsourcing service queries.

As far as contacting inbound top call centers goes, some have international numbers that you can call 24/7 while other BPOs can only be reached on local time in India or the Philippines.

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