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Find outsourcing companies around the world on 123outsource!

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On you can find companies that do every type of outsourcing including:

General Business Process Outsourcing
CAD & Engineering
Call Center
Creative Writing
Data Entry
Medical Billing
Medical Transcriptions
Social Media
Software Applications — Mobile Apps & Programming
Web Design

Americans are visiting our site more.
The good news is that we have become more popular in America in the last year. Our stats have doubled for American browsers without advertising. This means that the quality of our directory has gone up due to my diligent screening of listings. We remove listings if they do not answer their phone, or if they do not communicate professionally over the phone. We also interview the workers at some of the companies to assess the quality of their staff which can really vary.

If there is one thing that overseas companies want more of, it is American, British and Australian clients. And in 2016, we are delivering a lot more of those! The clicks from America is steadily rising.

Going to China — Studying Chinese Again For Business

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Since I was eighteen, I longed to be involved in international trade. My country of interest was China although any country interested me. I am forty-six now and still interested. I studied Chinese in college. I became semi-fluent while living in Taiwan. But, I never mastered the language. I got busy with work. I started an online directory which became very successful and zapped up a lot of my time. Years past. I was living in a Chinese part of California teaching English for a few years. But, I got tired of lazy students and rude school administrators. So, that is when I undertook the Notary career and a few years later started an online Notary directory which gets a million clicks every 43 days or so — amazing. From rags to riches in only a few years of backbreaking work, luck and solid business strategy.

So, now my business is mature. It still needs a lot of my time. But, I have some time leftover now. My psychic keeps telling me I’m going to Dubai to meet a wealthy businessman who will hire me to do his bidding in China. But, my Chinese language skills need to be top notch, and I need to impress him with my skills in social media, business and other things as well.

So, part of the process is to continue learning Chinese. I am studying at home, watching television with an online dictionary by my side. And I’m going to China probably sometime this year. Shanghai is my city of choice, although I’d like to visit Beijing. But, roughly 50% of the international business that goes on in China happens within 100 miles of Shanghai. There are dozens of large cities driving distance from Shanghai, and my psychic advisor told me to get to know the area well. He says my strength in business will be my ability to read people and analyze business situations and scrutinize. After living in India briefly, I understand that you have to watch everyone. The minute you stop watching they pull a fast one!

So, that is my plan. I’m excited. And I’m enjoying studying Chinese again. I’m visiting my old neighborhood near San Gabriel to enjoy amazing Chinese food. I have to drive from my current residence in Los Angeles which is about 18 miles away. But, the neighborhood has changed. It used to be more Cantonese, Shanghainese and Taiwanese people in the San Gabriel area. Now there are people from Beijing, Tianjin, Shan-Dong, Xi-An, Xin-Jiang, Sze-Chuan, Yun-Nan, and many other parts of mainland China that never used to be there in such large numbers. The minority became the majority and I’m trying to become and expert at their food. Spicy cumin lamb sandwiches are a favorite. But, I’ll pass on the beef tripe and frog stew.

So, wish me luck studying Chinese and see you in Shanghai!

About us

Categories: About Us | Tagged , | Leave a comment About Us is owned by the same individual who owns and  Incidentally, we also have a notary blog for which has a few entertaining entries for non-notaries.  We have been involved in internet directories since 2000 and its been challenging, but always interesting.  We have learned a lot in the last ten years, but the internet culture keeps changing, so we keep on changing with it.
The problem with internet marketing is that you are competing with the entire world.  If you are not one of the top few players in your industry, you will not get enough market share to have a business that is worth mentioning.  If you look at the search engines of the world, google gobbles up about 70% of the market share since they are so clever with their algorithms.  Yahoo gets about 20% of the market and the rest of the players share the remaining 10%.  If you feel you can’t be the absolute best in your niche, it doesn’t make sense to try to compete on the web. Our notary directory is the most popular of its type on the net.  Lets see if we can get the same results for our outsourcing directory.
The exception to this rule is local business who have a web presence to support their geographically relevant business.  If you run Joe’s car wash in Los Angeles, you don’t have to worry that Carl’s car wash in Seattle has a better web site than yours.  Just make sure that your web site is the most beautiful and best optimized in Los Angeles. 
The biggest changes that have happened that effect us in web business is that optimization algorithms for google have changed.  Meta-Titles are more important, meta-descriptions are less important, and social media is the magic that makes things happen.  Since we started our twitter and our blog, our placement on google for our outsourcing directory has gone far up for our  main keywords. 
Twitter is our newest development on  Our social media manager Anthony has been publishing links to really interesting articles.  I’m personally reading all of the articles and learning a lot about the recent developments in the outsourcing industry.  We hope you will join us on Twitter.
We hope to grow into a huge business and we’ll let the forces of nature guide us in how we expand the business.  Size and refinement are the two biggest issues.  We have 1300 members now, but if next year we only have 1500, but 1500 really serious companies with great communication skills, the quality of the companies is what we are looking for.  Our job is to please our browsers, so if we make their query for quality companies a snap, the browsers will be loyal to us for life! and our users

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I started outsourcing directory in 2007.  I was going regularly to India for spiritual reasons and wanted to work with some local programmers. I found the winning team in Pune — fast and fun to work with.   We didn’t begin to really populate outsourcing directory with sites until 2009.  In early 2010 we started calling out listings to get to know them a bit.  We put outsourcing companies all over the world.  There were web designers in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, India, and all over the world. We had SEO consultants in India, there were BPO companies, Call Centers, Accountants, and many other types of companies too. I thought this directory would be focused on India, but we have clients throughout the world.
Learning from experience
As I started marketing our outsourcing directory site using google adwords, I learned that we were getting many clicks from India and the Philippines.  Other counties didn’t give us hardly any traffic.  But, the inquiries were coming almost exclusively from India, and only a small percentage from the Philippines.  Although there are so many great call centers in Cebu, Manila, Davao, and other cities, we were not hearing from them.  It became clear that this was going to be more of an India directory rather than a world directory like we previously thought.
Pakistan comes into the picture
As my testing out of different areas evolved, I decided that Pakistan was a serious country in outsourcing too, and that I should add them to the pay-per-click system.  We got good inquiries and signups in Pakistan and Bangladesh too. I guess that those countries think like Indians — outsource, outsource, outsource!!!  But, later I found that Pakistani and Bangladeshi companies had a low sign up ratio compared to their countries’ populations, and was not worth the advertising budget.  We like to have at least one sign up per 300 clicks from a particular country for it to be worth while.
Browsers were not exactly in the proportions I expected. 
What I started off thinking, was that America, Canada, and the UK would be the main browsers looking for services.  This turned out to be true.  I thought we might get a little extra traffic from Singapore and United Arab Emirates since those countries have a huge Indian expatriot population.  What happened surprised me.  I knew that Singapore would be a major browser on our directory.  But, I never guessed that they would be the #1 browser country in the world.  India still gets more clicks, but India functions as a service provider and not a browser looking for services.
Singapore tops the list
Since Singapore is our #1 browser, I’m putting much more attention on our campaigns targeting Singaporeans. None of their neighbors such as Thailand, Malaysia, or Indonesia gave us any significant attention on the web.
Canada was disproportional in terms of population and clicks.  Canada is giving us almost as much traffic as the United States, but Canada has only 10% of the population of the whole U.S.  California has more people than all of Canada put together (including mooses).  We will be investigating putting more specialized effort into attracting Canadians to our site.
The “Maratis”, not to be confused with Marathis are some good browsers as well.  People from the Emirates are called Maratis.  To me that sounds like what people form Maharashtria are called too.  They are homonyms.  I guess if you moved from Mumbai to Dubai, you would be a Marati Marathi or vice versa.  There are only 5,000,000 people in UAE, but we are getting disproportional click traffic from there.  Since they are a business hub, I expected a good search volume originating from their territory.  But, they are averaging 30% of the total clicks from the United States.
It looks like America is not outsourcing as much as we think.  It looks like Americans will not have to worry as much as they think they will have to about losing their job to Ajit in Hyderabad or Manish in Noida.  Its the Canadians and British who have a much higher rate of outsourcing based on my site’s statistics.  I read that UK will be outsourcing more and more as time goes on.  Programming and Data Entry are the first chores to be outsourced.  I think that as a courtesy, India should offer a special type of visa to people who’s jobs were outsourced.  They should be allowed to go to Navi-Mumbai and get their job back! Please visit our outsourcing directory today!

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