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What are your BPO rates? Does it vary with experience?

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When I ask a company for their rates, I don’t like evasive answers, and I don’t like simplified answers. I want a breakdown that gives me three to five types of answers. More than that would be a headache, and less than that would be oversimplified. Let’s say I’m looking for a .Net programmer. Here are some sample conversations.

(1) Thorough
ME: Hi, I’m in the market for a .Net programmer. What are your rates?

REP: We charge $20 for junior programmers, $22 with 3-5 years experience, and $25 if they have six or more years.

(2) Oversimplified
ME: Hi, I’m in the market for a .Net programmer. What are your rates?

REP: $20 per hour

(3) Evasive (Headache)
ME: Hi, I’m in the market for a .Net programmer. What are your rates?

REP: It depends. What type of programmer are you looking for, how long is the project, what is the nature of the project?

(4) Too Much Information
ME: Hi, I’m in the market for a .Net programmer. What are your rates?

REP: We charge $20 for junior programmers, but give 10% off if you book more then 100 hours, and then $22 for those with 3-5 years experience and we sometimes have a project manager available who has 12 years experience, but he is not always available and we can only guarantee rates if you sign a contract. We are also having a special this month where we will do a sample job for $18 per hour and if it is to your satisfaction, you have the right to continue with a new contract for the next month and that would have an option for six months, etc., etc., non-stop talking.

ME: STOPPPPPPPP….. You talk non-stop when you don’t even know what I want.

(5) Sensible Dialogue
ME: Hi, I’m in the market for a .Net programmer. What are your rates?

REP: What level of experience and expertise would you like?

ME: I’d like someone with 6 years experience.

REP: Well, we have someone with 8 years of experience who can work for $24.50 per hour US dollars.

(6) Paranoid Dialogue
ME: Hi, I’m in the market for a .Net programmer. What are your rates?

REP: Oh… well. Umm…. I hope this is not too much. (pause) We charge $18.50 per hour. Oh no, you won’t like that price because it’s too much. But, I assure you that our programmer is very good, and I personally watch over him.

ME: The price is not bad. I care more about the quality of the service than the price.

As you can see, there are many ways that sales reps interact with clients. If you were a client, which rep would you prefer? I prefer #1 and #5 because they give me the pertinent information without any grief. Try to think from the perspective of clients, and you’ll win over more of them!

Looking for Online Database Projects? Try our outsourcing directory!

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Do you need to get an online database project done? has a long list of great data entry companies all over the world, but especially in India. We have companies specializing in online surveys, online data entry, data mining, data cleansing, ebook publishing, epublishing, offline data processing, form filling, database population, and more.

If you look through the search results on our data entry category, you can see which companies specialize in the exact service that you require. Our basic categories for Data services include Data Conversion, Data Entry, Data Processing, eBook Publishing, etc. However, within each of those four search results pages, there are companies with much more detailed specialties.

Data Entry Outsourcing Search Results

How to find a data entry job

How do I find the least expensive call centers in the world?

Categories: Call Center | Leave a comment has the monopoly on call centers. Our information is kept up to date regularly so you won’t find out of business companies. We list call centers in all price ranges. But, if it is cheap you are looking for, India and Pakistan have the cheapest. Whether the quality of their work is any good, you be the judge of that. For quality, Central America and the Philippines are the place to look for call centers as their communication skills in English are excellent and pricing is moderate.

Pricing for call center work at call centers ranges from around $5-8 per hour in India. In the Philippines it ranges from $7-$11. In Central America rates range from $9-13 per hour. In North America you will be paying $30-60 per hour which is far out of range in my opinion. My rate estimates are very generalized and you might find more pricing diversity than what I mentioned if you look hard.

So, if you want to find the least expensive call centers in the world, you have come to the right place. Or, find one that is reasonable in price with excellent service.

How Brexit will Impact UK and Europe’s Outsourcing Market

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How Brexit will Impact UK and Europe’s Outsourcing Market

Given the fact that Britain has finalized its leave from EU through its referendum, the process of separation has slowly begun to take its course. These are historic times that we live in, as we are witnessing one of the most important countries that was one of the first to join the EU leave this block and head towards a new political and economic path.

The ramifications of this major event will be great and there are a lot of people in the business world who are feeling unsure about what the future will hold for Britain and the EU. However, there are a few of those who are talking about how this will effect business owners in the UK, who outsource services to companies in the EU.

Things will change
All the businesses, either from EU or Britain, is going to be greatly affected in the near future. Some are already feeling the consequences of Brexit, and more is yet to come. Leaving EU means that businesses in the UK will no longer be able to trade and do business with companies from the EU tax free.

The new taxing laws will soon be put in place and the fact that it is uncertain how they will look like is only making enterprises shake a bit more. Additionally, there are many upcoming regulatory and administrative procedures that the whole UK will have to go through in the future, and this means higher prices, and greater downtime, since outsourced products will take longer to get from EU to Britain.

Costs will increase for both sides
There are a lot of businesses in Britain that outsource to companies in the EU to finish some of their business processes. This is where there are a lot of supply chains which are both in the EU and the UK. Some business industries that will have the most problems include automotive industries, financial services, and the chemical industry. For example, there are a lot of car dealerships in the UK that sell vehicles and certain parts for these vehicles are manufactured somewhere inside the EU.

There are even vehicles which are mostly produced in factories in Germany or Italy, and this means that, due to new taxes, the prices of these parts are going to become more expensive. For businesses in the EU, this mean that they will have to raise their prices due to higher costs of transferring products, while the business organizations in the UK will have to rise their selling prices in order to cover their newly formed expenses.
New outsourcing markets will open for UK businesses
It is clear that businesses in Britain will have issues due to greater tax tariffs and regulations. However, given the fact that Britain now doesn’t have to follow EU regulations, and has new markets outside the EU available, companies might be able to find good outsourcing options which are now available in other countries and continue to work as they did before. The only question is whether those companies will be able to manage and find quality collaborators to compensate.

Still, the big question is the distance, as the EU is fairly close to Britain. How much are the costs going to be in this new region? Another troubling issue for businesses in Britain could be the quality of service they could get from outsourced companies outside the EU. Simply put, they might be able to outsource for less money, but they also might end up with low quality services that would ultimately cost them a lot.

The reality is that nobody can tell with certainty how things will be in the next couple of years and what exact changes are there to be expected concerning tax regulations between Britain and the EU – only time will tell. The best thing for companies on both sides is to simply try and find new ways for creating business partnerships which are profitable. It’s really a double-edged sword; those companies that make great use of the new circumstances might even be able to increase their profits. Those that don’t, will lose money.

Samantha Black is working in BackOfficePro from past many years. She is a dedicated and a passionate Content Writer.

What is a BPO and what do such companies specialize in?

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A BPO is a business process outsourcing company. The term is popular in India, but is gaining popularity around the world. It is expensive and time consuming to do your own back office work. So, it is popular to hire virtual assistants and outsourcing companies overseas to do particular repetetive tasks at a low price. Please be aware that there is RPO which is recruitment process outsourcing, KPO which is highly specialized knowledge process outsourcing which normally includes research, accounting or programming. LPO work is legal process outsourcing. But, in a general sense, all of those other acronyms fall into the BPO category.

There are various general categories of BPO work.
Call Center, Data Entry, Programming, Web Design, Medical Transcription, Accounting, and Content Writing are some of the most popular BPO tasks to outsource. Recently, social media outsourcing has been on the rise as well. There are various subcategories of call center work including appointment setting, order taking, chat support, inbound, outbound, lead generation, sales, and technical support.

Then, there is more general back office work that is harder to categorize. Some companies offer marketing and loyalty programs, content management, digital marketing, online publishing, payment processing, proofreading, data transcription, engineering, eCommerce set up, translation, web research, mobile applications, and the list goes on.

In fact, there are so many types of BPO tasks, that divided the tasks into 28 specialties to keep them all straight. The most popular by far is our general call center search results as well as BPO and data entry.

We welcome you to browse to see what companies are out there. We verify our search results every few months, so the information should be up to date 97% of the time! Good luck!