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5% of an employees time should be spent on training & refinement

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Many workers all over the place have no sense of communication or responsibility. The reason is because their managers are too busy to teach them, or perhaps because their managers don’t know HOW to teach them or what is important to teach them.

Communication skills are a typical problem for technical people.  They need regular coaching on how to get back to people. How to pick up a phone and dial 10 digits (programmers are genetically incapable of this task by the way).  How to return an email with relevant content.  How to schedule their tasks so they don’t run behind schedule. How to keep in touch with clients and let them know when there is a problem or delay instead of keeping them hanging.

“Not flaking” (not forgetting & keeping track of things) skills are important for lower level managers.  I find that lower level project managers seem to not keep track of what is going on, and clients will be kept waiting for months only to find out that no headway has been made on their projects.  Assistant managers need to be coached on how to KEEP TRACK of everything and not flake.

If you don’t currently have a mentoring and coaching program for all of your staff, you should figure out how to create one.  Your company would do so much better if you did a little training (or a lot of training).  Employee output could go up by 20% without spending an additional dime on them simply through training!

Good luck and use your innovative skills

Creating a test job

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Creating a test job for programmers or call centers

If you hire outside firms to do your work, be careful. You don’t know who they are or how they work until they have done something for you.  Once they have been on board for a few months, then you will know their tricks if they have any.  It is best to design a small job for them to do. Even if it is a job that doesn’t even need to be done, you should create something that you can use to evaluate the efficiency, skill, and communication skills of the company you hire.

I learned that I needed to test out five programming companies to find one that was acceptable to me. My standards are not even that high.  It is just that most companies can’t or won’t get work done on time according to specifications — not even close.  Some companies don’t even return calls.  Others just take the job, and don’t do anything. A few companies cheat and try to overcharge you.  Some companies have workers who don’t follow directions…

All I can say is that — It is a jungle out there… test people out. Stick your toe in before you get your leg bitten off in outsourcing!