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The effects of hanging around the wealthy

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What I learned is that hanging around great programmers will help me to think about technical issues more clearly, even if the programmer doesn’t utter a word. Being around his consciousness does wonders. Being around great musicians as a child helped me appreciate great music and understand it. But, as a businessman, I realize that I need to be around what I call “high-speed wealth accumulators” to soak in their magical energies.

I learned that hanging around the neighborhoods where these moguls live is an amazing experience. Imagine the feeling I had of looking over some rolling hills with mansions. I felt like I was in another world, far away from home, but I was only a few miles from my home in Los Angeles! The wealth that these people have is unbelievable, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

There are areas with 2 million dollar homes. The inhabitants of these homes probably have equities of around 2 million per person. But, what about those who are in 8 million dollar homes? I believe that they have more like 40 million in equity on average, and move billions around at the tips of their fingertips. I came up with the poetic realization that this neighborhood was like a control panel for the world’s economy. Perhaps 5% of the wealthiest people on the planet lived within yelling distance of where I was driving. This was Wall Street’s bedroom in a sense. Of course, Wall Street is 3000 miles away in New York, but a lot of the people who control it, as well as those who control the movie industry and God knows how many other industries probably live in the Hills North of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

Part of the allure of this area is the fact that being around this type of wealth really stimulates my business. We make more sales when I spend time in fantastically wealthy areas. But, also to tune into the consiousness of the wealthy. These are those who dress like the wealthy, and those who really are wealthy — or better yet — who are high speed wealth accumulators. We need to understand the categories of humans who are found in wealthy areas. There are the workers, the shoppers, those passing through, those who want to dress like the wealthy even though they are not wealthy, those who are wealthy who are in low gear — not doing much with their life, and last — those who are reeling it in — those who are making things happen and making money hand over fist.

I saw many casual people having dinner with their families who dressed like very ordinary people — but, they were millionaires. I saw others who were very impatient drivers. There were many I met hiking who were just very casual relaxed people. I went to one of the most expensive hotels in the state, and saw businessmen of the highest caliber. Their demeanor was much different from the impatient drivers or the casual diners. These businessmen were wearing very elegant suits suited for a very high class banker or attorney. There was a sense of calmness. It is like seeing an animal in their natural habitat — they just fit in perfectly! There was no sense of entitlement, no pompousness, no greed, and no hurry. It was just these upper class men in fancy suits just having a Scotch on the rocks!

For me, I’m trying to learn the secret behind these gentlemen in the banker suits, and I’m not finding it. That is because these seasoned opulent types were born into money, and just find it to be very natural. It is natural to spend $500 a night on a hotel — that is what their family has always done. It is normal to spend $35 on a glass of Scotch, why wouldn’t you? They are not trying to be more than what they are — they just are. The secret to understanding the old-rich is that they just are — and that they just have been, and presumably will continue to be! They are important because they are they. Everyone knows they are important, so they don’t have to advertise how important they are. Their behavior is completely different from the new rich who are always trying to be something and be someone! These very wealthy types seem to not show any outward signs of having any skills in business.

The irony is that our suited friends are probably are on the boards of America’s Fortune 500 companies, and control the entire nation! Yet, when they talk to each other, it is about their last golf game, the weather, and other inconsequential topics. Although subtlety is not a business secret — they exude tremendous subtlety. The people who have all the answers appear to have no secrets at all — I guess that is the secret!

The Vaastu & Feng Shui of too much water?

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The Vaastu reality of too much water and its effect on your business

Most people who do business do not like metaphysics, and related philosophies such as feng shui and vaastu (its Indian equivalent). They think it is crazy and unnecessary. But, they are wrong. Others think it is superstitious. But, can feng shui or vaastu be considered superstitious if you have analytics proving certain points? You have to be very stubborn to ignore hard evidence staring you in the face, right?

What is feng shui?

The 3000+ year old Chinese art of feng shui examines how your environment effects your health, business, and life in general.  The year a building was built, or the floor plan of a building effects those who live in it.  But, outside, water, trees, and other environmental factors effect you too.


I study waterfalls and their effect on business. At feng shui school we learned that water to the North is good for finances, but that moving water exponentially improved the effects of the water.  We also learned that too much water can DROWN you.  Water on your roof is a disaster, so painting tiles on your roof blue like Japanese people do is suicide! No wonder they had a tsunami that wiped them out after having all of those blue tiles on their roofs! But, I learned a lot more about waterfalls on my own. I have learned that standing the right direction and distance from a waterfall for about 30-45 minutes greatly enhances my internet sales on the following day!

What direction to stand

I learned that where you stand in relation to a waterfall is very important.   Schools say that the water must be to the North for best luck, but I learned that that is not exactly true.  Water to the North, East, Southeast, and West are all auspicious.  Water to the East and Southeast are a little better for developing new clientele perhaps because the water nourishes the wood element represented by the East and Southeast.  Wood or no wood, the analytics I took don’t lie about attracting new clients to my e-business.

How close to stand

The other factor that you can not ignore is how close to stand to a waterfall.  In addition to being the exact right direction (bring your digital compass), you need to be the right distance. I normally will visit waterfalls at Yosemite which are at least 400 feet tall, and up to 2000 feet tall, although those tall falls, sometimes are divided into sections.  I learned that standing 200 to 700 feet away from the waterfall in the correct direction is perfect.  You must have an unobstructed view of the waterfall otherwise you will not get any water energy.

What went wrong

I am experimenting here, so I can not say that I went wrong, but rather that I learned something new. One time I stood too far from a waterfall, and got no improvement on my e-business the next day. When I stand the “correct” distance from a waterfall I always get a 20-80% improvement in my sales the following day (not the same day — this is how the energies work).  A few days ago, I wanted to see what would happen if I was really close to the waterfall.  So, I went “scrambling” on the wet rocks.  This is actually very dangerous and many have lost their lives this way.  I went to about 70 feet from the base of the waterfall so that there was mist everywhere.   I got a little bit wet which was okay.

The results of my waterfall trip

Sales were dead for the next 24 hours.  I think that I got too close to the waterfall and the water energies were too intense. I got the worst analytics for my business that I have ever gotten while doing waterfall feng shui.  I would say that the water “qi” was so intense that it drowned me.  On a brighter note, my acupuncturist remarked at how my kidney “qi” (energy) was the best she had seen it in a long time.  Water energy is the energy in the kidney and kidney energy channels in the human body according to Chinese five element theory.  Being near clean moving water is good for your kidneys (try explaining this to your doctor and you will get a blank look).  So, being “too” close to a waterfall is bad for business, but good for kidneys, and lots of fun.

What is next?

Feng shui is not only good for business, but is fun to learn about, especially when you learn in the real world rather than learning from books.  I would love to visit Hawaii and see how it feels to be near waterfalls there!  The environment is very different there, and very calming. I bet it will be really fun.

How does this effect you?

If you are a business owner, you need to be in tune to how our environment(s) where you spend time effect you and how they effect your business.  Being in a slum for two hours for a business meeting could ruin you sales the next day. You need to be very aware of this to succeed in business! Good luck, and go find a waterfall near you!

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Rules verses Reality: Feng Shui and Vaastu

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Rules verses reality of Feng Shui and Vaastu

For those who are regulars to my blog, you will know that I look at business in a multi-dimentional way, including metaphysical viewpoints in my greater perspective. India has Vaastu, and China has Feng Shui. Both are concerned with finding lucky spots and lucky directions, and I use it DAILY in real life — and I am no fool. Yes, it works, but you have to know how to work it!

The rules don’t always apply?
I went to a formal Feng Shui school. We learned how to do charts of houses and learned formal rules of feng shui. I didn’t stay long enough to learn the advanced materials, but enough to know how to do basic readings. There is a simplistic rule that water to the North is good for money. Another general concept is that places where the affluent stay have a better vibration for making money. My last Feng Shui trip to San Diego proves this that this theory doesn’t always produce favorable results.

I frequently go to the San Diego area in California to de-stress after weeks of over-working. The relaxing energies there really help, and the water energy at the beach is great for my health and spirits. The purity of the water there helps too, as the coast in Los Angeles county is impure from all of the heavy industry and heavy thoughts in the air! I stayed at a few different hotels to test out the Feng Shui. I stayed a really swanky place for one night. The Hyatt. Wow, was it expensive, and the soaps smelled so nice. If only I were a millionaire, I could stay there every night and have fragrant body lotion and fluffy towels every day! My business did extremely well the following day after a night at the Hyatt. But, the next night I wanted to try out the theory about how water to the north is good for money and business.

I know from experience and from school that water to the North is good for money, but if the water isn’t moving, it doesn’t help so dramatically. When I go to Yosemite National Park, I will stand directly South of a large waterfall to absorb the energies of the fast moving water directly North of me — and YES, I bring a digital compass to verify the exact direction.

Water to the North doesn’t always help?
But, during my last trip to San Diego I stayed at a hotel on the La Jolla Beach coast that had water directly North and West, and the waves were decent enough to surf on. The hotel was in a well to do area, but I got a cheap rate since I arrived late and left early. They gave me the “crash” special. Rich area — water to the North — this is a formula for wealth, right? WRONG! We made very modest sales the following day. By the way, my experience with lucky Feng Shui spots is that they effect you for roughly 24 hours after you arrive, so I track sales the following day after staying at a hotel or having a long dinner in a lucky restaurant. My only conclusion here is that the hotel was too old, and had a bad chart which was why my sales weren’t better the next day. Or, perhaps I just went on an unlucky day? Astrology is a factor here too. It is best to try a location on three non-consecutive days to get a basic preliminary reading assessment.

Poor areas aren’t always bad!
The next night I stayed in my favorite town of Encinitas. I love this place because the people are very nice, and the restaurants and coffee houses are so interesting and unique. Have you ever tried cardamom ice cream or dark chocolate cayenne ice gelato? You should! And, you should try it very soon if you have good taste! I love this town because Yogananda built a beautiful meditation garden there that has been blessed by the gods including lord Krishna. Even Jesus appeared there in astral form before Yogananda at that garden once! I like to meditate there and absorb all of the divine energies plus the healthy vibrations from all of the flowering plants and the sea. A few weeks before, I stayed at a very modest hotel in the area, and sales the next day were almost nothing. So, I thought the whole area had a bad money energy. But, this time, I stayed at another modest hotel, and sales were through the roof. We made triple the average new sales that day. So, the moral of the story is that knowing all of the various feng shui rules is good for your personal reference, but sometimes a very average place might have very good feng shui. You really have to spend time in many places to get a good feel for which place is lucky and which place is not. Take notes otherwise the experiences you have will go to waste!

Regardless of what country you live in, there are lucky places you can go. Even if you only go to a place for an hour per day, that is long enough to get roughly 40% of the energy you would get if you were there for 24 hours which can change your business tremendously. Visiting a lucky hotel, waterfall or restaurant can completely transform your business if you go regularly. This is part of my lifestyle because it is powerful!

Tapping into the national consciousness of your clients

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We all hear spiritual gurus and their followers talk about consciousness and other mystical ideas. Many claims are made about many types of wishy-washy subjects, but how often do you ever get solid proof of anything?  I believe in mystical ideas too, but I want to understand the mechanics of how mystecism works, and sometimes there is information.

It’s the language!
It is a common believe that you should speak the language of the customer. If you want to get clients in Spain, you should speak Spanish, and if you want clients in the UK, you should speak English, preferably British English.  Clients will feel more comfortable with you if you know their language. If you wnat to attract clients from America, would you put someone in charge who knows nothing about America?  Would you have an American flown over to India to work at your company?  Would you hire an Indian who has spent a few years in America in charge?  In my point of view, the closer the individual is to the culture of the client, the better off you are.  Of course, the manager has to also understand the mechanics of the business you are in as well, otherwise his language skills are almost useless!
But, there is more that we can add to this theory:  consciousness.  I am learning new things about consciousness daily.  Being in tune with the national consciousness of the client(s) you are selling to really matters.  Lets say you are starting a new marketing campaign to attract clients from Kenya.  What I learned, is that by simply having dinner at a restaurant serving Kenyan food, or spending time in a place dominated by Kenyan nationals, you become more “in tune” with their national consciousness.  I also learned, that simply by sleeping in a place with a particular national consciousness, your consciousness becomes infused with that particular national consciousness.
Case study in Koreatown, Los Angeles
This is a particularly interesting case study.  If you follow my blog, you will know that I take Chinese Feng Shui as seriously and religiously.  I try to learn new things about Feng Shui as often as I can.  I knew from past experience, that spending a night in a hotel in Koreatown would boost my sales for one of my businesses.  However, on my stay in May, 2011, I learned some new things that surprized me.
In late May 2011, I spent a night in Koreatown in Los Angeles, CA.  I arrived late, and talked only to the clerk.  I checked in, went to my room, watched a bit of television, meditated, and went to sleep. I noticed that the vibration in Koreatown is not at all well suited for meditation. There is too much activity, and too much materialism too.  During my sleep, I dreamed about all types of Korean people that I didn’t know.  I don’t remember the specifics of the dream, and it didn’t seem to have any particular significance either – other than the fact that it was about Koreans.  I live in a 25% Korean neighborhood in Los Angeles, but never dream about Koreans in my home for some reason.  The next day, I had my coffee, and was off to a meeting with my programmers. A few weeks later, I checked my web stats, and it was amazing what I found.  
Clicks from Korea up 7x
I had not changed my advertising to attract clicks from Korea, but I was getting 7x the click volume for about 3.5 weeks from Korea.  The clicks eventually tapered out, and went back to normal.   By the way, companies in Korea are very fond of our page about Indian Software Companies.  They don’t seem to take interest in any of our other pages though.  Additionally, clicks from the Philippines were up too.  There are very few Filipinos in central Koreatown, so I couldn’t figure out why our Filipino clicks were up too. 
I can only guess where my readers are.  I’ll guess they are mostly Indian.  If you are in India and want to attract American clients, contacting American companies is obviously a good idea.  Having someone who is familiar with the American culture could call and email American companies who might be able to use your service.  But, there is more!  Tuning in to the American consciousness is a good idea…. but how?  I would recommend hanging out at the Hard Rock Cafe in MumbaiBangalore, Pune, Delhi, or wherever else you can find one.  The culture of the cafe is very American.  I’m not sure if the owners are American though.   You could also go to places where Americans hang out.  There are very few of these in India.  You could have a slow meal at a hotel where lots of Americans stay, or a hotel owned by an American chain.  Just keep notes…  See if your sales ratios go up during times when you frequent these places.  It’s easier to tap into national consciousness in America where we have the whole world living under our roof.  India has no official neighborhoods for certain nationalities which makes it harder to perform this type of experiment.  But, you can try to find places best suited to particular national consciousnesses, and let us know what happened!

Outsourcing Spirituality? A tale of two ashrams

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Outsourcing spirituality – a tale of two ashrams
America is a land of spiritual poverty.  There is an acute shortage of qualified gurus, so we have to outsource our spiritual help to India, Israel (for Kabbalah), or Japan (for Zen Buddhism).  America went from being a land of shamanistic Native Americans to being a Christian country, but is now a multi-religious and mostly athiest and spiritually lost country.  The best spiritual help we receive is from groups from India.  There are two spiritual groups that stand out in my mind.  Both have wonderful spiritual benefits, but vastly different management styles.
SRCM – The Sri Ram Chandra Mission AKA Sahaj Marg.
A very spiritually potent group based in Manapakkam, Chennai, of Tamil Nadu, India.  With a lineage of three very powerful Masters or “Gurus”, this group has a lot to offer spiritually.   However, the management of the group engages in a multitude of sins including neglegence, discrimination, and general disorganized behavior. The current living guru is very capable at administering fast spiritual work to aspiring followers (abhyasis).  The previous guru has long since departed this world, but remains available to many of us in spirit form.  One French lady has written volumes of very long books with her conversations with this departed spirit.  The lady is a clairvoyant medium, and considered to be very talented spiritually, and at spirit communication.  The issue is that SRCM has had a presence in North America for roughly forty years, but has not grown its presence.  The Master is frustrated with the lack of growth, and therefor feels its not worth his investment in time to visit here.   The reason behind the lack of growth seems obvious — the group doesn’t cater to the preferences of Westerners and only attracts a small clicque of cliquish Indians who often leave others out of the picture. Behind the constant and deceptive use of the word “Brother” to address others when there is an acute absense of any semblence of brotherhood. Its clear, that SRCM or Sahaj Marg is a half cult, half spiritual group, and embraces a culture of excluding people.
Despite the superior spiritual offerings, culturally, this group is so opposite to what is acceptable to even the most accepting Westerner, that only a few hundred Westerners seem to stick to the practice on a national level.  The followers are too cowardly to confront the Master and let him understand that a policy of “Cultural condusiveness” is absolutely essential for the group to grow.  What I mean by cultural condisiveness is that you (1) don’t force Westerners to remove their shoes, (2)  you don’t harrass Westerners when they don’t follow Indian customs and habits, (3) you don’t force Westerners to sit in gender segregated meditation halls (at least during their first few years until they are well used to the group), (4) you don’t force Westerners to eat ONLY Indian dishes and the same dishes each time for the rest of their lives every single time they attend a function (BTW – when they cook American food, its so bad we beg them to cook Indian food again) (5) you don’t have the same set of talks again and again and again for the rest of our lives without offering some variety (6) you don’t play garbled videos that nobody can understand. (7) don’t harrass people taking a nap, (8) don’t harrass people who eat meat, (9) don’t give evasive answers to serious spiritual questions, (10) don’t have an inner circle which excludes everyone else.  The list of what not to do is endless.  It is because of these multitudes of sins, plus the lack of welcomingness and warmth in the environment that Westerners wouldn’t be caught dead at Sahaj Marg.
On a brighter note, if the Master really tuned in to these problems, and appointed managers and leaders who were devoted to solving these problems, then Sahaj Marg would be a valuable asset to the West.
The Ananda Mission
As a world traveler, I have come across the Ananda Mission.  Another spiritual mission who outsources its spiritual offerings from a lineage coming mainly from India.  They also acknowledge Jesus as one of their spiritual guides which is unique for an India-centric group. On the other hand, there are many records that show that Jesus spent themajority of his life in various parts of India, while only spending less than two non-consecutive decades in Israel, making Jesus — Indian!  Additionally, this group’s members are 90% caucasian, but they mostly have Indian names! The Ananda mission does everything right, that Sahaj Marg does wrong.
There are warm and caring people to greet you at their Nevada City Ashram.  The members are warm and caring and sweet too.  There is no fake brotherhood or fake “Universality”.  The food is high quality vegetarian food that is different every day and a treat to eat.  I don’t even like vegetarian food, but I love THEIR vegetarian food because of the care they put into it.  There is no monotonous culinary torture at the Ananda Mission.  Spiritually, meditation is perfect there, and my spiritual condition is positively altered long after I leave their venue.  To top it off, they have an endless variety of programs about everything from improving your health, and life, to understanding spirituality, one aspect at a time.  They have many events each day given by caring people who really try to give good answers to questions.  Although this group is very Indian in its spiritual philosophy, it is 200% acceptable to Westerners who are looking for a nice and informative spiritual group to belong to.
I feel stuck in the SRCM mission which is a constant source of grief, and I love the Ananda Mission which I am only a visitor too. Unfortunately the Ananda folks practice Kriya Yoga which is a very high quality of Yoga, but very different from the Raja Yoga that I have bee practicing for 20 years.  I guess my persional mission is to try to improve the mission that I belong too, even if it means pulling teeth (which it does).  We’ll see what happens…

Finding a lucky feng shui spot for my office

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How do I Choose a Lucky Feng Shui Area? What to look for?
My experience says that there are rules for what to look for in an area, but results are always surprising and unpredictable. There are many HIDDEN factors that make readings seem illogical. 

An Upper Middle Class Suburb – Good
I know a hotel in a very average area which quadruples my daily revenue.  ts next to a supermarket which makes good money.  But the whole area for miles around there gets me good feng shui readings. Its a very regular upper middle class area. However, most houses there had a double income and hard working people lived in the area including many Asian Americans. 

Wealthy Lazy Areas – Bad
Another area with rich people was disasterous for my business. I decided that the rich people there had already made there money and were slacking off which is disasterous for feng shui.

Koreatown – Up and Coming = Good
The irony is that the predominant language in Koreatown is Spanish, with English in second place.  Koreatown is a place where people from around the world come to America to work and work hard.  The average income is low due to the large percentage of illegal immigrants from Central America. However, income of a neighborhood is not the most important factor.  People there are working hard, offices of all sorts are on the main drag with people working hard.  Nighttime people stay awake and read and study.  Its very busy there and has an up and coming energy even though its a slightly slummy area in many ways. People are working hard and on their way up, and the key word here is up.

Ukiah – New Infrastructure
Ukiah, California is a regular stop for me. I like it there and the energy agrees with me.  There is nothing to do there.  However, the area where the hotel is has all new shops, restaurants and hotels around it.  The area is prosperous, but not wealthy.  This is a place where new sales are 2.7x what they are in my home.  It could be an inate energy of the town, or perhaps its due to the new energy of the buildings which were mostly constructed within the last decade.


Seaside Waves and Mountains
Being in a valley where there is a flow of energy helps you capitalize on nature’s feng shui.  The other examples emphasized cashing in on manmade work oriented energies.  Yosemite has good feng shui due to the inflow of water and qi (prana) from the rivers flowing into the valley. The valley with its tall “walls” funnels the qi as it flows Westwardly towards the central valley. This is a wonderful place to get feng shui readings and is very spiritual too.  Areas on the coast are effected by the water energies of the ocean.  But, the energies are much better when the water is moving.  Days with high waves are very potent for feng shui, and my income goes up when I stay in a place within a quarter of a mile of high waves.  We sometimes have good wave height in Northern California during the winter, but the rest of the year the seas are placid. Spending time near a rushing river or waterfall will also help you capitalize on the moving water qi.  You can study how it effects your business. But, if your staff members are taking the day off the day you went to the waterfall, you might not have any sales statistics to analyze.

Look for up and coming areas where there is hussle and bustle.  Areas with hills can be good, but you must be in an area where energy is channeled and is slowly moving and nurturing what it passes. Being at the top of a hill is an example of where not to be on a hill.  Being near a bend on a river could get you some chaotic energies which the ancients have written novels about. I don’t know the details on this, but that is a point to consider. Areas with new buildings are good, and areas with a pleasant feeling that combine nature and housing are a plus too.

In India
If I were in India, I would go straight for a new development with hard working people.  A new office park, or new housing development.
Make sure that for three or four blocks in any direction you see…new.  New mixed with old gets you mixed energies and mixed
energies give you mixed results.   Old areas attract people with old ideas, and retirees, and that is bad for work related feng shui. If you are retired, being in a retiree  area will have energies which support your activity — which is non-activity.  If everybody in the area where your prospective building is are losing money, then no matter how beautiful the area is, you will be sorry you moved there in terms of feng shui.  So, make sure people are prospering and growing, and not just looking like they are prospering. Real feng shui involves a compass, complicated calculations, intuition, and a deep knowledge.  Few of you have time for all of this, so try to understand a few basic principles, use your senses, and track the results of how where you stay effects your life!

Vedic Astrology and your Business

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Vedic Astrology and Your Business
Vedic Astrology or just plain regular Western style astrology effects your business, marriage, and life more than you think.  Throughout the ages, different places in the globe have come out with different styles of astrology.  The technical names are different, but the verdicts will share many parallels.  Its not so much if you believe in astrology or not, but whether or not you have a sophisticated practitioner that really matters.
I’m lucky in this regard.  I live in the same building as a very seasoned astrologer.  She is a European astrologer, not a vedic astrologer, but that is a detail to me. She dictated to me what type of business I would do well at. Fortunately, I’m already in exactly that type of business, and doing well.  Since I have Uranus in my career house, I would be good at virtual business i.e. internet business. Fortunately, I figured that out a decade before the reading.  My astrologer can also tell me which relationships will work, and what the challenges will be.  She can also figure out why people get along or don’t.  My housemate had an argument with a mutual friend. The astrologer blamed it on their Mars being incompatable.
Its fascinating living with an astrologer. I see the world in a completely new perspective.  Constellations and planets determine how business will function, communicatiion problems, and relationships.  Wow!  Every day has a unique energy. There are global constellations, and personal planetary transits.  Its really interesting. I’ve learned enough to be able to predict which day will have more new sales, more renewals, and which days I should just go hiking and take the day off!
Relationships are an imporant factor that a good vedic astrologer can help with.  If you are considering a marriage, a good astrologer can tell you what the challenges are with a particular match.  The details can not really be revealed in the chart, but will show up in your life.  At least you know what to look for!
Geo-Astrology is a great tool to figure out which place is best for  you to live. It can take into consideration finances, home, relationships, health, and much more.  The proof of the pudding is actually to spend time there and to take notes on how life really is.  But, astrology can at least give you some ideas of what places are best for you to try first.  So far, my geo-astrological chart has pointed me in areas that were most balanced for me in the long run!
Whether you belive in Vedic astrology or not, people have been basing marriages and careers on it for centuries, so there is a lot to it.  I suggest learning more about it since its a valuable indicator!

Feng Shui / Vaastu: A busy market

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Feng Shui – a busy market

For those of you who believe in Vaastu Shastra or its Chinese equivalent, Feng Shui, I have good news. Feng Shui experts always tell you that where you live effects your destiny. This is very true information. I am a world traveler, and every different place I stay influences the performance of my business and effects how I feel too. In some places I feel like working twelve hours a day. In other places I feel more friendly, and in some places I feel like doing nothing. Where you live determines your life even more than your personality, believe it or not! If you are a hard worker, but you live in a place where laziness abounds, your hard work will be seriously effected by this lazy vibration.

Some places I visited even contribute to mental instability. There were two places I visited in Northern Arizona, where my generally even-minded brain was effected. In one place, I became agitated, sleepless, nervous, afraid, and had nightmares. I had nightmares in another place in Northern Arizona too. A third place in Northern Arizona left me having very watery thoughts during meditation. How odd, this never happens anywhere else. It was very disturbing. Los Angeles leaves me balanced for the most part, with an urge to work all the time, and enjoy myself too (after work is done, of course).

But, what can we do to enhance our business if we are stuck in a house that we bought? Most of us buy our houses without purchasing the wisdom of a feng-shui consultant or vaastu expert. We go for help after its too late asking, “What can we do?”. The answer is generally, “MOVE!”. We can not move easily, but good news is here. I studied feng-shui at a reputed local school in California on the weekends for two years. They taught some very good theory. But, what they didn’t teach was first hand experience. Nobody knew how much a given environment would effect you, they only knew that it “might” effect you in one particular way. My task was to go out into the world and really see how environments effected me and my work.

I learned that some places were so powerful, that if I stayed there for an hour or two in a day, my business would be effected for twenty-four hours. Some places were better for the outsourcing site, while some were good for the acupuncture or notary sites that I run.
The places that had the best effect on my business were banks, supermarkets, and bustling restaurants. These are places where money keeps circulating fast, like a waterfall. Waterfalls are renouned in feng-shui as having the best effect on money making. The nearest amazing waterfall to where I am is in Yosemite and only is full with water in the Spring. That is seven hours away!

But, not all supermarkets are bustling. Many markets are losing money, or have few clients. The trick is to find businesses where there is an endless flow of traffic and where the business makes money. But, how do you track this? Are you a business owner? See if your business does well for 24 hours after you are in what I call a feng shui hot spot.

How do I find my lucky spot? Spend an hour and forty-five minutes in a hot spot. Thats all you need. A slow meal, or just hanging around. Then see how your business does the next day. This should be done on more than one day. Some days are slow days, and other days your personal astrology might be bad. Try each spot for two or three days, and not on days when your business is typically slow like on the weekend for example.

Feng shui is fun, and can help your outsourcing business. Just find the right spot and dont’ be afraid to experinment and believe in the metaphysical and mystical forces that control your life even more than your will power!

Vaastu & Feng Shui for your Business

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Feng Shui (Vaastu) and Your Business

Feng Shui is the Chinese equivalent of Vaastu Shastra. But, what do these terms really mean, and how does it effect your business and your life? I have no studied Vaastu and am not qualified to talk about it, but the part of your house where particular rooms are located is critical and which direction certain rooms or doors face is an important factor too.

Misconceptions of Feng Shui are common. People think its about interior design or where you place your furnishings, and that is a small part of this gargantuan study. Just for the record, there are more than five prominent schools of Feng Shui and they all overlap with each other in some ways, disagree with each other in some ways, and emphasize completely different aspects of feng shui too. So, which school is right?

Classical Style
Classical Chinese Feng Shui is what I studied for a few years during the weekends. We learned how the year a building was built combined with its exact “sitting” direction was the most important factor to consider. There are 24 directions total, and NW has three subcomponents in our style of feng-shui. From the sitting direction and construction year, a chart can be made of the house. The chart can emphasize which PART of the house has good energies, and which part of the house should be avoided. The consensus is that where you spend most your time is the part of your house that is most critical. So, for me I sleep too much, so my bed’s position really matters. For certain females I know who spend six hours a day in the bathroom, that would be their critical room.

There are all types of superstitious remedies in Feng Shui that don’t get results in real life. Those who have read many feng shui books are often unaware that feng shui can be TESTED, and if you are using a remedy, you can take notes to see if there are any changes in your life which constitutes a form of evidence even though its not conclusive. Classical style remedies use the five elements, and sometimes you need a big round chunk of metal in your room, sometimes water, wood, fire (use a small red bulb), or earth. The main thing to consider is that if you are in an unlucky building or an unlucky room, the remedy is like a bandaid on a bullet wound. Finding the perfect building is key.

Karma and Feng Shui
If something dramatic happened in a building in its history, its karma rubs off on the current residents. The man who lived in my room had lung cancer, and I have developed lung issues (not cancer) while living here. A building that had a murder
or suicide will carry a bad vibration. An area where yogi’s did their spiritual work can carry a spiritual vibe for thousands of years after the fact according to many spiritualists. So, if your building has the right chart, but the wrong karma, you are in trouble. Smart Chinese people go for a building where someone went from middle class to riches.

My Personal Study
I did many readings for people and found that classical feng shui charts reflected the reality of the residents of these buildings in a vague way. If their chart was good overall, most did well, or better than they did in their previous residences. If the chart was bad, then the residents generally had problems. I found that the room was more critical than the house in my readings, but our feng shui Master says its the house. My new interest is in neighborhoods and not houses. I want to take analytics on areas and how those areas effect my business.

Feng Shui Neighborhoods
I have taken over 50 feng shui readings during my travel on hotels and neighborhoods. I sometimes stay at different hotels in a similar neighborhood and see how my business analytics do while I’m there. The results were beyond amazing. Certain areas tripled my new sales, while other areas killed my new sales. Some areas were good for social networks, others for my acupuncture directory, others for my outsourcing directory, etc. Each neighborhood has its own blend of energies which support certain types of businesses and activities. Some places were good for working, while others were good for socializing, or sleeping. Some areas I could concentrate well, while other areas made me feel healthy or happy. The endless variety of characteristics in places is fascinating.

What did I Learn?
I used to think that a lucky room is more important than a lucky house. Now, I think that a lucky neighborhood is more important than a lucky house or room. My business analytics were very similar in different hotels that were within a few blocks of each
other. I found that there are certain energies that pertain to certain areas that are several blocks in diameter, while there are other larger expanses of energies that can go for miles and carry certain types of tendencies. Certain general areas were good for expanding existing business, while particular neighborhoods within those areas were better than others.

Although my actual business is online, and no actual sales made pertained to where I was, the effects of my physical body being in particular areas was staggering:

Downtown Los Angeles, CA was good for renewing existing business, but terrible for gaining new business.
Koreatown in Los Angeles, CA was wonderful for attaining new business as well as renewing and expanding existing business
Santa Monica, CA was great for getting new acupuncture listings on my directory and social media
Ukiah, CA was amazing for attracting new business, getting work done, and staying healthy.
Santa Cruz, CA was great for keeping healthy, but had a stifling effect on how my business functioned.
Napa, CA was positive for contacting those involved with our outsourcing directory. We were able to do
more calls, and have better calls on an hour per hour basis.


Feng Shui Hot Spots
Staying in these areas, helped my business and life in particular ways, but what I learned was that there are hot spots that were even more helpful. If I stayed in a hot spot which is an auspicious area, for 90-180 minutes, I would experience an increase
in certain types of sales over the next 24 hours. Of course results would vary day by day, but if you average the results, the findings were amazing. I calculated, that spending an hour in Koreatown was worth $150 in new sales. However, if I spent more than two and a half or three hours, the benefit would be reduced down to nothing. Its sort of like having a battery that can be charged every day, and once it reaches its capacity, it can no longer absorb anything else.

How Does Feng Shui Work?
Feng shui is occult. It works on supernatural metaphysical principles. It can not be explained in Newtonian physics and it doesn’t make sense to a “logical” person, unless that logical person analyzes stats and has an open mind. If your physical body is in a particular place, you absorb certain energies or karma from that place, and that effects your whole organization. If you have 20 people who work for you, and the boss (you) is in an auspicious location, that good luck will effect the whole organization. The luckiness of where the workers are ALSO matters, but not as much as the HEAD of the organization. Many businesses choose to have offices downtown even though rents are much higher than in other places. Those businesses stay there enough for the buildings to have a high occupancy rate. Why is this? Workers get more done downtown because of the energies there. Downtown Los Angeles has a strong productivity energy. When I’m there, I work around the clock and only stop to eat my power-lunch and power-dinner.

How Fast Does Feng Shui Work?
The well meaning folks at the feng shui school always claim that they don’t know how fast a lucky location will help you have good luck in your life. I have answers for this since I track it. Wherever you are effects what happens over the next 20-30 hours
or so. There are residual effects that last longer than that too, and effects of the good luck that could help you years after the fact. I had my friend move to his lucky back room which had a good chart. He was out of work, not getting offers, and he got a job offer THE NEXT DAY. I’m not joking. If I stay at a hotel that has good feng shui on a particular night, the energy will help me the next day ONLY. Sure, residual effects happen, but for my tracking purposes, I see that 90%+ of the effect (rough estimate) of the feng shui manifest itsself the following day.

How Does This Help You?
Whether you live in India, New York, or Kathmando, you need good feng shui. If you have an office filled with call center workers, you could go out of business and lose everything you have no matter how good a businessman you are — do to feng shui. You need to be in a lucky building in a lucky area and you will get better results in a lot that you do.