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Data Entry India — rates start at US$1.80 per hour!

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If you want to get data entry work done in India, it is very cheap depending on how experienced the technician is. We just interviewed a few dozen Data Entry India companies and learned that rates are commonly from $1.80 to $4.00 per hour in US dollars. As far as the quality of the work is concerned, we recommend trying a few companies out and see how they perform. Give them a small test project. That way you can easily see who meets deadlines and who is nice to you in the long run after you finish talking to the salesperson.

There are plenty of Indian data entry companies out there and provides a highly filtered list of companies. We keep our data up to date regularly, so you won’t find many out of business companies on our list — at least not for long. Every few months we call or email all companies on our list to see if they respond and to see if they are in business. Companies with better communication skills get moved to the top of the list while those that behave in an incompetent way are dropped from the list so our browsers will have a smooth experience.

There are many types of assigments that an Indian data entry BPO might handle. Online form filling, database population, ebook publishing, catalogue publishing, HTML or PDF conversion (there are many other types of conversions as well.) Browse our list of Data Entry India companies and see all the specialties they have and find a company that is right for your needs. Good luck.

We have many data entry companies in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad among other cities.

Search Results for Data Entry India

How to find a data entry job

How can I find Data Entry Projects or Providers in India?

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Many companies are looking to get data entry projects done. India is the place to get a great price for these projects. is a very evolved directory of India outsourcing companies and BPO companies form other countries. We used to have 300 data entry companies but filtered the list down to about 50 of the better ones.

To find a good data entry provider, just visit the data entry search results on The best companies are near the top of the list and we have dozens of great companies in all parts of India such as Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, Delhi, Hyderabad, and more.

If you want to advertise your data entry services on our directory, we offer free and paid listings. Free listings get you on the list, but paid listings get you at the top of the list where you will receive much more attention. We offer companies the right to try our service out for a few months rather than committing to a year. Our prices vary over time depending on supply and demand so email us at for a quote for a listing on 123outsource.,net’s data entry or other outsourcing specialty page.

Data Entry Search Results.

Data Entry India

Looking for Online Database Projects? Try our outsourcing directory!

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Do you need to get an online database project done? has a long list of great data entry companies all over the world, but especially in India. We have companies specializing in online surveys, online data entry, data mining, data cleansing, ebook publishing, epublishing, offline data processing, form filling, database population, and more.

If you look through the search results on our data entry category, you can see which companies specialize in the exact service that you require. Our basic categories for Data services include Data Conversion, Data Entry, Data Processing, eBook Publishing, etc. However, within each of those four search results pages, there are companies with much more detailed specialties.

Data Entry Outsourcing Search Results

How to find a data entry job

How do I find a company that does online surveys?

Categories: Data Entry | Tagged , | Leave a comment has a wide variety of companies involved in various data entry related tasks. One of the popular specialties is online surveys. Additionally, we have call center search results where you can get phone survey work done and KPO companies that can do marketing research and interpret the results of your surveys.

Just visit and then visit the:

Call Center Search Results

Data Entry Search Results

KPO Search Results

How to find a data entry job!

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Where to go to find data entry jobs. 

There are many places you can go to find data entry jobs on the internet, and many places you can find data entry jobs in your city. It is safer to find a real job where you work in an office. That way you meet the boss face to face, and they can not run away when its time to pay you. There are many sites on the internet that can help you find work, but some of these are scams. It is important to find legitimate companies who really need your services and who really will pay you.

Tell-tale signs of scams
If a company wants to use you, but doesn’t test you thoroughly, it is likely that they are not professional, and a potential scam. If a company wants to charge you money for being on their list, there is no guarantee that you will receive a single inquiry. This is risky business. You should not pay money to a company unless they were referred to you by a satisfied customer.

Internet sites
Some sites list job openings, while other sites have opportunities to work remotely. Some sites will help you start your own business. A few sites specialize in helping you get freelance jobs. If you have no business background, it is not advisable to attempt to start you own business doing anything. Data entry is a serious business and clients will not want to hire someone working from home who they don’t know unless you come highly recommended. If you are going to do remote data entry, make sure the company spends time checking you out. If they don’t invest in scrutinizing you, they are likely to not be a good company to work for.

Our recommendations
Find real companies in your metro, or at least within a few hours of your home. Try to meet with them in person, and see if they can either hire you or offer you freelance work. Sometimes, the bosses of these companies will be able to refer you to their colleagues who have similar companies. If your skills are not up to par, you will spend a lot of time job seeking, but without finding much. If your skills are excellent, then you should start off by contacting data entry companies in your area and talking to the HR staff over the phone or in person.

Sites that list job offerings
This site has a long list of job openings for data entry clerks world wide. It is a good place to look for openings.
This Indian based site can help you find work in many types of professions including medical transcriptions, BPO, and data entry.
This site helps you work from home in India and has many types of data entry, and data conversion jobs that you can do.
Lists Data Entry jobs all over the United States
This site offers information about data entry jobs in India including medical billing, data processing and many other specialties.
This site offers a holistic job search. They have many data entry jobs being offered in the United States.
This is a fun site, but they don’t have that many actual data entry jobs being offered.

Sites offering work from home opportunities
This site offers work from home data entry job opportunities.
This site caters to people all around the world, including India, the Philippines, and many other countries. This well organized site has a well explained process of how you can find and do data entry work. They even offer online chat with an attentive clerk at the other end.
This site offers work from home data entry job opportunities. Get paid by automated funds transfer technology as often as you want to get paid!
This site allows you to gain employement working from home anywhere in the world. You can be an outsourced data operator, marketing typist, data-collection research assistant, data proofreader, general audio transcriber, response typist, and more!
IHA offers many types of jobs where workers can work from home including medical coding, photography, writing, data entry, product assembly, and more This site does a thorough job of describing the real work opportunities verses the scams. Offers work from home data entry jobs.

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Data Entry, Data Mining Information

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Data Entry General Information

Data Entry Clerk – job description
What is data entry and what does it involve? Data entry involves a data entry clerk or typist who reads hand-written or printed records and manually types them into a computerized database. Some data entry clerks are temp workers, while others are regular employees. Larger companies have enough data entry work to keep full time employees busy.

Typical jobs for data entry clerks might involve typing in tracking numbers of shipped goods, typing reference numbers for shipped goods that didn’t reach their destination, data input of medical information.

Optical character recognition technology allows a data entry clerk to read a report generated by an optical character scanning machine. The data entry clerk is still responsible for reviewing the results of the report for incorrect or omitted information.

Data entry work outsourcing is done heavily in many parts of the Philippines and India. Employees in those companies enjoy much higher than average salaries which affords them a lifestyle that includes restaurants, travel, entertaining, and other niceties that are not possible for the average person in their respective countries.

Many BPO companies in India do only Data Entry and data related services. But, many other BPOs in India offer a mixed bag of services including call center, data entry, and a variety of other back office services.


Data Mining Introduction
Data mining is the process of extracting patterns from particular data and is commonly used for marketing, surveillance, and fraud detection. One example of data mining is when a computer program or human extracts email addresses from a large directory type website, and compiles a list of email addresses to spam. Data mining has been used for centuries to find hidden patterns in data. One interesting example include the computer programs that look for mystical word and letter combinations / patterns in the Torah which originally was a really long scroll of letters with no spaces between the words.

Data Mining in Business
Data mining is used heavily in customer relationship management. Many businesses realize that identifying patterns of customer tastes and behaviors can help them to provide better and more targetted services to their customers. Since its expensive to contact customers, it is practical to identify which customers would be ideal to contact for specific purposes. If you are having a special on hotel rates, contacting customers who travel once per year might not be as efficient as contacting customers that travel once per month. If you are offering a discount on drinks at a bar, contacting teetotaling vegetarians will net you a big fat zero, while contacting avid wine connoisseurs might work better assuming your wine list is up to par. Mass mailings are done with the same principle – by identifying individuals who would be most reponsive to a particular message.

Identifying Ideal Customers or Employees
If you crunch the numbers, you might be able to create algorithms to identify which employee is the best and why. You have to look through data of many employees to find this information. Certain customers are worth more than others too. Some customers spend more than other on high profit items, while other customers spend very little and tie up your phone lines with endless bickering. Data mining can help you determine who is who which can help you figure out who to target to be your customer or employee, and can even tell you how much effort its worth to win someone over. Unfortunately, through data mining, we can put a price tag on everyone’s head. By the way, you (the reader) are worth exactly $5.28 to me! Just kidding – you are worth much more than that!

Customer data can be analyzed to learn about spending trends and customer profiles. This is why supermarkets such as Ralphs have Ralphs cards. It helps them develop not only customer loyalty, but helps them analyze who is buying what. Are you a single white male who buys lots of Gatoraid and Ramen noodles? Or are you the head of an Asian American family who purchases twenty pounds of pasta sauce per year? You may think that Asians eat won-tons, but those who understand data mining and data analysis know that behind closed doors, Asians are really eating pasta with marinara sauce and cheesecake in unbounded proportions– at least in California (just a hypothesis based on observation). That way, after interpreting customer data, a company who is advertising in an Asian neighborhood in California can have a smiling Asian lady who is devouring pasta; and display a bottle of tomato sauce with the name of the company on it. That, my friend is market segmenting and profiling in a nutshell — or in a pasta sauce jar.

Other Uses
Data mining can also be used to study educational research to see how students learn most. It can also be used to study drug safety issues, equipment testing, and even genetics. Gene mapping can be studied with techniques that include data mining.

Find audio transcriptionists on

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Find an audio transcriptionist on is an outsourcing directory that places a heavy emphasis on data entry, data processing, data transcription and many related specialties including audio transcriptioning.  We have hundreds of service providers throughout the world doing various types of data entry and BPO tasks, especially in the U.S., and in India.
What is Audio Transcriptioning?
Audio transcriptioning is a type of data entry, where the data entry clerk listens to a tape recording, or some type of audio file, and types information into a computer file based on what they heard.  In general, data entry consists of entering data into a database that was previously on paper, an audio file, or on another online database. 
Medical Transcriptioning
Medical transcriptioning involves a lot of audio transcription work.  In addition to having good audio transcription skills, clerks need to be intimately familiar with medical terms, physiology, anatomy, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, and treatment assessments. 
The Philiipines
Audio transcriptionists are located in large numbers throughout the planet, but the Philippines has a monopoly on the outsourcing end of this business.  If you are outsourcing this type of work, please think about visiting our search results in the Philippines for best results.
Video Transcriptioning
Video transcriptioning is yet another term for a particular type of audio transcriptioning.  Videos sometimes need subtitles or text printouts, and a good transcriptionist can provide this service for you.
Business Transcriptions
There are many types of transcriptions used in the greater sphere of business transcriptions. Common types include conference transcription, interview transcription, seminar transcription, and verbatim transcription.   Some types of transcription omit unintentional sounds such as “um”, and “ah”, while others leave it in.
If you run a company that does data entry or audio transcriptions, please contact and ask us if we can offer you a free listing on our directory. Or, just visit our sign up page!

Data Entry India – News

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Data Entry India – News Issues
As reported by India Knowledge at Wharton, Genpact has moved from merely doing data entry in India, to doing actuary services. This is a significant step up the value chain stairway.
Manual data entry
India primarily relies on manual data entry for port related operations such as berthing, logistics, cargo handling and management.  The Indian government wishes to double their cargo handling capacity by 2012, but only with the help of IT solutions will this be possible.  Computerized and IT solutions would allow a port to know exactly what is going to arrive long before the fact, instead of at the last minute. This allows ports to plan ahead and allocate their resources efficiently.  They will know how many employees and how much equipment each boat will need, and when through container tracking. Additionally, this IT tracking will deter the incidence of tax evasion and revenue pilferage.
Rural outsourcing hurts Indian Data Entry industry
U.S. companies that had been outsourcing to India are now finding ways to get low cost home grown labor through rural outsourcing.  India is also moving lots of jobs to its rural areas.  Rural outsourcing in India could help the whole country lower costs in general and develop a larger capable outsourcing workforce.  One huge advantage that America has is that land and labor is extremely cheap in parts of the Midwest which can allow American companies to be competitive in a global marketplace by creating new companies in that area.
Who are you really doing business with? brings up an interesting point when they say that a company doing data entry in India needs to have the latest technology and updated infrastructure.  If you hire an Indian data entry outsourcing company, you have no idea who they are unless you visit them.  Are they using archaic computers with internet connections that disconnect every five minutes?  Do they have a list of large foreign companies with whom they do business?  Are you hiring a sophisticated company or are you hiring what could be called a “closet operation” otherwise known as a “sidewalk” data entry firm.  Speed and accuracy, training and management style are other factors to consider.  The bottom line is to think hard about who you hire, and hire a really qualified company!

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