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India in 2140

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Rahul had a dilemma. He wanted to get married, but in 2140, nobody in India could get married to anyone from a good family unless they worked for a BPO department of a MPC (multi-planetary company.) Rahul had finished school in anti-gravity device repair and Gorkonian anthropology. He was an expert at understanding all of the various life forms on planet Gorkon which was a job requirement. The last round of Indians didn’t bother understanding the locals which led to a huge fight.

Rahul was chosen by the Gorkonians to do all types of tasks. Fixing issues with their spaceships was one of the main things he was good at. But, he got into trouble because there was a serious problem with the mother ship and Rahul insisted on taking a 45 minute samosa and chai break at the critical minute. But, Rahul made it up to them. He found a great way to punish those who broke Gorkonian law. They would be banished in an interstellar flight for 200 years. The irony is that by the time the space craft would come back, it would be 200 years for those in the space craft, but only 4 years for those on Gorkon due to interstellar time lag. Rahul was the star of the planet (no interplanetary pun intended.)

Next, Rahul was assigned to fix their flying rickshaws. They were to fly at exactly four feet of altitude at all times except when docked and have air-friction reduction technology added. Rahul fixed every aspect of these machines perfectly, or at least they thought. In the mean time Rahul needed to go back to planet earth as his mother had arranged his marriage to Rajeny. Rahul returned back to earth after three years working in Gorkon to learn that his wife to be had only aged one year. Apparently time didn’t move as fast on Earth as it did on Gorkon. Rahul thought for a while for how to solve the problem. They decided that they would have to live in the same planet, otherwise their marriage would be doomed. He wouldn’t be able to work for two years, come back for a year and go back to work for two years otherwise he would be grandpa while Rajeny would be only twenty-five. So, they both went back to Gorkon. Of course that way, their parents would be younger than they were after a few decades, but they didn’t think that far in advance.

Everything was ready for them. The spacedock they landed on was perfect. Rahul’s buddy Vipool was responsible for the programming on that dock. Then, they had a vegetarian space burger with chutney. Finally it was time to go to their home. So, they got in one of the rick-shaws Rahul had designed. It has plugins for computers, voice activated commands, interplanetary phone systems, and even a mini movie screen where you could see movies from 290 different planets translated into any language you wanted. Rahul asked, “How much is it to get to my flat in Sarkun?” The rick-shaw walla said, “200 Gorkon rupees.” Then Rahul said, “Can you use the meter?” The walla replied in fluent Gorkonian,

“Sorry, meter broken!”


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Does your downtime make you a better business person?

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Does your time taking a walk, or sitting by the beach making you a better business person?
Does your daily Zen-out time meditating make you a better thinker or more centered?
How about your refreshing road trip experiences, or your time chatting with friends?

Many business bloggers seem to think it does.

Imagine how you would be if you never had any fun and you just glued yourself to your computer. Your eyes would start having flashes, your health would go to hell, and you would go crazy. Man was not designed to just work, work, and more work. And man cannot live on bread alone! Studies have shown that people who work too much or sleep not enough have lowered efficiency at work, and make worse decisions. But, people who apply themselves at work, and then refresh themselves regularly will make better use of the hours that they do spend working.

Putting refreshment aside, how about inspiration? Sometimes inspiration comes while you are taking a walk. Or you’ll talk to someone and in the middle of that chat you’ll have an ah-ha moment where your next huge business idea comes from. Meditating can clear your brain so the next big business idea will have room to come in. A long road trip will leave you coming back in a completely new state of mind ready for new thoughts as well. Reading what other people are saying can be a huge source of inspiration in business as well, although they probably write in a way that is more targeted to a general audience rather than to your specific needs.

As entrepreneurs and CEO’s we are responsible not only to work, but to come up with new ideas. We need to solve serious problems. We need to think quality thoughts. The difference between a business person who makes $100,000 per hear and 10 million per year is not the hours they put in. It is the quality of their decisions and their inspiration that make the difference. The higher quality business person makes decisions so good that they revolutionize entire industries — or in Steve Jobs case — entire species!

So, work hard, and then take that trip, talk that talk, walk your walk, and Zen your um… what rhymes with Zen? Hmm. Okay, and Zen your universal entrepreneur consciousness! These things will make you a better business person. Sometimes it is good to think about business when you are on a long trip. Since you will be in a different environment, the thoughts will be different which could be critical to finding the right ideas. Or sometimes it is better not to think about business, but to think about other things. When you come back to the office, you will have a fresh slate to work with.

On a final note, sleep is not properly understood by human beings. Your mind does amazing things filing your thoughts while you are sleeping. You might come up with your best idea ever while asleep. It could come in a dream. Or your guardian angel might transmit an amazing thought to you while you are snoozing. It has happened to me more than once!

Hitting the 10,000 mark on Twitter!

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I just hit the 10,000 mark on one of my Twitter accounts. It is kind of exciting. Not as exciting as hitting 100,000, but still good. Since that account is in a niche market, the potential for future growth looks slow. But, there is still potential in the long run, retweeted posts don’t go anywhere because the friends of industry specific people are not in the same industry. My other account which is more of a general business and social media account appeals to a much larger cut of society leaving my retweets sometimes going viral on a good day.

I know it all now — I think!
I think that the bigger issue is that I feel I have “figured out” Twitter, and Google+. I have done well on Facebook. My success path seems paved for me, although I have only achieved a small success so far. I know what to do now. I know I can get that big success. It is just a factor of doing more repetitive work, or outsourcing the work to someone else.

The most important thing is your account name!
One lesson I’ve learned about social media, is the biggest factor that can cause your ultimate success or failure is your name. Not your personal name — your account name. It’s a little like the old days. If you grew up 60 years ago in the formerly mostly Jewish Lower East Side and your name was Noddington, you just won’t be as popular as if your name was Horowitz!

I want to master more networks
I want to ultimately do social media consulting. But, I want to be the best one. I want to know the top ten networks really well. Even if I don’t physically manage them, I want to supervise and do the strategy work. For me it is all about the strategy, not the leg work, although it is good to be good at both.

I’m not sure what the future holds for me, but in my account with 10,000 followers, I’m changing the focus from acquiring more followers to posting more and milking the network for clicks. Wish me well! It will be fun to see what the future holds for my other accounts!

Do you see yourself as an Entrepreneur, or CEO?

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I was talking to my friend the other day. Some of the most meaningful conversations I have ever had happen when I just drop by to someone’s office, or just feel the urge to talk with someone who I haven’t talked to for a long time. Well, my friend told me that I was a CEO of a technology company — like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. I don’t feel that way about myself. I feel that I am nowhere as smart as either of those two guys. Additionally, I only have a programmer and a few assistants. I don’t manager dozens, hundreds or thousands of workers. When you are in that league it is a different ballgame.

So, basically, I see myself as an entrepreneur who has moved up the ladder to the point where he has a few people working for him. I am not in a huge hurry to grow because I like stable growth based on stable clients, stable markets, and stable skills. But, maybe I am a CEO in a small scale type of a way. Or perhaps I should think of myself as one. The main real difference between me and a CEO is that they can snap their fingers and have labor resources on a particular task. I can’t do that. I have to find people myself, test them out, etc. I can’t do my tasks if I am busy hiring others. So, I am at a difficult stage in business where growth actually does hurt.

But, maybe I should gradually shift my consciousness to CEO consciousness, or start thinking more like one today. If I am going to grow, I need to start thinking like someone who is already bigger than I am. It is common sense and the law of the cyberverse. So, how can I be more like a real CEO? Well, for starts, I can put down my subscription to Entrepreneur, and start reading CEO. Next, I can find intelligent ways to delegate a higher portion of my tasks, even if it is little by little And last, I can have a weekly meeting with myself to take notes on business decisions and the conditions of the week. Top level people have reports, and keep track of their business more in writing, while I keep it mostly in my head. I guess it’s all in my head!

Maybe this is the type of question to ask my cat.

ME: Mrs. Meao, do you see me as being more of an entrepreneur or a CEO?
CAT: (sniff sniff sniff) Meao!!! (with puzzled expression on her furry face)

Putting reason aside, the topic of today’s blog entry is mind expanding. Your entire existance can be changed by contemplating this topic. Anyway, I gotta go meditate. The universe is calling me!

Pinterest is really cool with the various boards & amazing pictures

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I am always the last one to try a new social network. But, now I feel that my future depends on it. I want to be a social media expert, so I am trying new things. I am stumbling, pinning, posting, tweeting, and might do some snapping soon too.

Pinterest is cool
The thing I like about Pinterest is that you can create different boards. Other social media platforms don’t have this characteristic to my knowledge. Google lets you have circles for your followees, and Twitter lets you have lists. Facebook is complicated and someone else handles that for me. But, Pinterest lets you have interest specific boards in your account to post on. I fill these boards with great looking pictures that other people posted and then post a few of my own articles too.

So far, after several very quick sessions on Pinterest, I have accumulated 14 followers! Wow. And 12 were in the last 24 hours. I think I’m on to something. I can’t say for sure, but it might be easier to attract followers on Pinterest than on any other network. I’ll have to do some real research and takes notes to be sure about that. It will be interesting to see if I get any clicks out of Pinterest as well.

More clicks please…
I would love a new source of clicks. The other thing I like about Pinterest is that it is not huge yet like Facebook and Twitter. The big accounts in my industry on other mediums have between 4000 and 50,000 followers. On Pinterest, they only have about 1000, so it will be easy to play catch up ball and overtake them! I love outdoing others!

I’ll keep my readers informed as to how my future in Pinterest goes. As a general rule, if you want your business to do well these days, try to do well on social media. It can really get you a lot of customers and some great exposure!

18 ways to boost your social media marketing in 10 minutes / day!

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We all love social media, but how many of us are good at it? It is a full time devotion to really be good at social media, and that is only if you are smart and keep your eyes open. But, not all of us have full time to work on our Twitter or Facebook accounts. So, what are the quick ways to get ahead? How can I take my magic social media pill and go viral tonight? Here’s how!

Here are some effective things you can do in 10 minutes per day or less!

(1) Follow people who share a lot in 10 minutes per day!
You can find sharers on Twitter, Google Plus and other mediums. If you click on articles that got shared a lot, you can see who the sharers are on Twitter. It is easy. Just be prepared to have your inbox filled with other irrelevant junk they shared. If you get shared a lot on Twitter or other mediums, you can grow fast. Following sharers will give them a chance to follow you back and share the hell out of your content. Many big accounts on Twitter only get a few shares per post. You can have a small account and get up to 15 shares per post using my simple technique. The people you follow who share must be semi-relevant or my strategy will backfire! 10 minutes a day of following sharers will change your life!

(2) The mute function on Twitter contains the chatter
Tired of people who tweet too much Twitter litter? Try the mute function. That way you are still officially following them, but you don’t have to hear any of the chatter. Oh what a relief it is. Just spend two or three minutes muting annoying people and you’ll be all the happier.

(3) Lists on Twitter isolate winning content in minutes!
You can favorite a tweet, but Google circles and Lists on Twitter allow you to arrange your favorite followers into lists. I get lots of great content to retweet by putting my best several dozen in my various segmented lists. I mostly ignore the others, but don’t tell them that. It’s nothing personal, but their tweets are not all that! Segmenting your top followers into lists takes only minutes!

(4) Boost your follow-backs by 50% overnight
We all follow people on Twitter, and we all retweet. However, we mostly do this the wrong way. Let’s say I am going to target politically interested people. I might get my followers from Obama’s Twitter. If you want the maximum percent of them to follow you back, retweet Obama’s best tweet from the last two or three days, and retweet some other hot political content. Your follow-back rate will go up by about 50% just from this simple yet logical technique.

(5) Google+ communities are a gold mine, but…
Google+ is a hard medium to grow on. The actual process of following people takes time, and they limit how many you can follow. Follow back percentage rates are low even with the most relevant of followers. So, what is the secret to Google+? The secret is to grow a community. Although it takes work to grow Google+ communities to a critical mass where you’ll be seen on big keywords, it pays. You’ll get a waterfall of new followers if you include a big keyword in your community name and get critical mass. You can grow a Google+ community in 10 minutes per day, but you would be better off outsourcing this task to India and have them spend four hours a day inviting people from 20 different accounts to your single community.

(6) Facebook: test and isolate your winning content
Facebook gets me more traffic than anywhere else. But, you cannot use it ramdomly. Use it strategically. Test out any of your content that you feel is promising. Then, track your stats, isolate the top 5% of your content, and use Facebook PPC to promote those posts. I did this and went from 300 clicks a month to 5700 three months later on Facebook. I am still in a state of shock. It takes only minutes to identify your best content, but the reward will make you happy for hours!


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(7) Experiment with different post titles
If you post the same old thing the same old way, you’ll get mediocre results. But, what if you find hot new ways to promote your content? I will often write up to ten tweets for a single post just to see which one does the best? The way you write your post titles can affect your traffic. A winning title can get you 10x the clicks! A few extra minutes experimenting with post titles will change your entire profile’s performance overnight!

(8) Post other people’s winning content as well.
Yes, post your own content, and yes, post the best of your content over and over again. But, to gain popularity, diversity of articles sells. I run an outsourcing blog, but I post tons of general business articles from Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes and other popular magazines. They write really interesting stuff, and I use it to my benefit. I sometimes retweet them, and other times rewrite a title and post it under my own account on various social media channels. This gets me tons of shares, tons of growth, and takes only minutes per day. If you prefer, you can spend four hours at a time, and prefer all of your tweets for the next month all in one shot. But, remember, if you post other people’s content, make sure it is winning content that your followers will enjoy reading.

(9) Post more often on Twitter
Many people post one or two tweets a day on Twitter. There is nothing wrong with this. But, if your account is big enough, you might consider posting 24 hours a day using a system that you can input the posts ahead of time. If you are posting 24 hours a day once or twice per hour, you will reach a lot of people who would never notice you otherwise.

(10) Posting 2x per day on Facebook got me 4x the clicks
2×1 = 4. In math it doesn’t, but on Facebook it does. I posted double the content and got quadruple the clicks. The secret here is that by posting more, your audience becomes more engaged and visits your page more often. If they visit more, then you will get more clicks and shares. So, 2×1 = 4 Do the math… or in this case, don’t do the math. Finding out what frequency to post is critical in social media, so experiment.

(11) Post at the right time on your mediums.
I tested out what times my Twitter audience for my notary twitter was at it’s best. 10:30 am to 3pm was the peak. I got 50% more shares then than at other times of the day. Late at night did particularly poorly. Unfortunately I’m up all night, so I do better when my social media manager can pre-publish my tweets to go off at the ideal time. Put in the same effort tweeting, but tweet at the right time, and get up to double the benefit!

(12) Try a dozen social media platforms, but focus on one
Many of us try to do too much. But, you need a pecking order for which social media platforms you use. The one that gets you the best performance needs to be first on your list. Sure it is good to be found everywhere, but certain accounts only merit a few minutes twice a week while your bread and butter deserve at least 10 minutes per day, perhaps up to an hour. If you allocate your time strategically, you’ll get a lot more out of each hour you spend on social media. I did exactly this. I used to spend an hour per month creating my Facebook post list. Now, I spend four hours, and my results went from 300 clicks per month to 5700 clicks per month. That was the account that panned out, and it became a gold mine after I allocated my time strategically.

(13) Grow it fast & milk it
Social media campaigns generally do not give you much fruit until they are huge. They have the same growth pattern as trees. Some trees will never grow that well no matter what you do while others will grow fast if given the ideal soil, fertilizer and love. Rather than spending an hour per week evenly distributed between five social media platforms, it makes sense to find the one that grows fast and delivers results and crank it. Find a way to grow it huge, and then you’ll get a Niagara Falls of traffic and perhaps SEO popularity from it. If you grow your Twitter to 100,000, you only spend 40 seconds pasting in your tweet, but it will reach 1/10th of a million people and probably get shared a lot too. If you have five accounts with 20,000, you spend five times the effort to reach the same quantity of people!

(14) Blog writing strategies in a nutshell
Write about whatever you want to. But, remember that the blog content you share can tell you a lot about what you should be writing about. If you share an article about Zen and the art of political sabotage and your crowd likes it, then you should try to write your own blog entry with a similar title, but with content designed by you. Your version of the article is likely to be a lot more popular than your average idea simply because you based it on a winner.

(15) Use what I call keyword anchors.
I’m not sure how other people use these terms in an internet context, but to me a keyword anchor is a term that is hot in the industry. It is sort of like having a Macy’s in a mall at the end of a long hallway. You know that Macy’s will attract traffic because they are famous, and they are hot. I write blogs and share content all the time, and I study what is hot. In the context of tech business, posts about Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Google, Starbucks, Cloud Technology, Apps, or other popular topics generate a lot of clicks. There are also more general anchors like pets, cats, wine, food, and other topics that please the masses. People are familiar with these people or concepts and will relate and like your articles more easily because you integrated these into your blogs. So, if you want to write about an office party you are planning. You might consider writing about how Google throws an office party and then integrate your personal office party into the blog entry somehow. Tying themes together is the secret to popular blogging — try it! It’s not hard.

(16) How to get over “idea block” which is similar to writers’ block.
Can’t think of ideas for what to write about? Just read what others are writing about. The more you create, the more creative juices you’ll have and the more you read, the most collective knowledge will be in your head which will help you think of ideas and write better.

(17) Optimize the sources you get your followers from
Are you spending an hour a day following people on social media? Are they the right people? Think of people in terms of the groups they are associated with first. After all, you are sourcing your leads from particular sources. If you get your business followers from Forbes, track how many of them follow you back in a 48 hour period. Then, follow people from Wall Street Journal. See if the percentage goes up or down. Keep in mind that the follow back rate can vary based on what you tweeted more recently, so keep that relatively constant so you don’t ruin your experiment. You can increase your follow back rate up to 30% by following a more optimized relevant source!

(18) Crank them out
Like to write blog articles? Not all of them need to be perfectly written. The important thing is to churn them out. As a blog manager, you need quantity on your blog. If you find out that a particular article was popular, you can spend two hours with your professional writer friend touching it up or rewriting it. In the mean time, see which themes are working for you. I can write an average of four articles per hour. But, if I do refined work it could easily take four hours for one piece. Four hours makes sense for something that got 1000 views so far, but for something that will only get 20 views? I don’t think so!


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A tale of 4 social media managers

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Here is a short tale of 4 Italian brothers. All of whom were social media managers in the United States. Each brother had a different idea of how to manage their business and we’ll soon see how well each of them did.

Brother #1 Luigi.
Luigi knew that his customers didn’t know the difference. So, he hired people right out of school to work on critical social media projects for large businesses, restaurants, hotels, etc. None of the accounts got any significant growth. Posts were published with no type of efficiency in terms of # of posts per hour of labor. There was no insights about how to go viral on any of the posts, and nobody cared either. The employees were not invested in being a social media success. The boss didn’t care. And the customers didn’t know any better. These employees were the least expensive employees you could get in the United States. But, after you added in the office space they took up, medical, dental, unemployment tax, and other mandatory deductions, these inexpensive employees who produced minimal results weren’t that cheap in the long run.

Additionally, they quit their job on average after twelve months of labor which presented more challenges. Long after the fact, Luigi started to notice that the employees slacked off and didn’t do more than 60% of their responsibilities in the two or three months before they quit. They were not cheap to train either, and every time someone quit, they had to go through a long interview process to hire someone new, and then train them only to have the same thing happen again. After a few years of this, Luigi wanted to grow his business. But, his business just wouldn’t grow. He began to think about a change of pace while he sipped on his afternoon espresso.

Brother #2 Guido
Guido was a perfectionist. When he went out to eat, he would only go to the classiest of Italian restaurants that managed each detail of the entire food creation process. He would sniff the desserts from four feet away to verify the acumen of the cook and his perfectionist tendencies too. The blackberry tart filled the air with freshness that Guido treasured, and he showered the entire staff with compliments about the superior quality of their food.

Guido only hired the best. He wouldn’t even talk to you if you had less than six years of experience. Additionally, he had a very complicated social media test that even the best couldn’t pass. So, he settled for creating a pecking order with new hires based on how successful their previous campaigns had been, and how many points they got on his test. He was disappointed that the best only got 40-55% on his test, but he figured that he could teach them the rest.

To justify the costs of his expensive employees, he had to charge a lot more for his services than others. On a brighter note, his customers loved him just as he loved the Italian pastry chef down the street who made the blackberry tart. He had no problem growing, because he offered the highest quality of service which was hard… well, in actuality impossible to find apart from him. He regularly got viral posts for his clients, and their accounts grew from fledgling to goliaths in only a year or two due to how capable his dedicated staff was. His attrition rate was very low as his office was a fun place to be and he got them all an endless supply of pastries to thank them for their amazing contributions.

Brother #3 Antonio
Antonio was the international brother of the four. He loved to travel to different countries. Not just European countries, but Africa and India as well. He loved coffee, and loved the way the Indians made chai, coffee, and fresh juices. He loved to meditate in the Himalayas, and had developed some contacts in India as well. He didn’t want to pay big bucks to have some mediocre Americans working for him. He hired talented people in India and set up an office there. He got a decent quality of labor for pennies on the dollar and offered a very low cost social media service. He was popular and his business grew because he offered more service for less, and with good customer service as he was practically a native speaker of English, Italian, French, and knew five other languages as well. He hired a few others who spoke English perfectly who could do sales and customer service. Antonio’s business model was high quality, popular, and inexpensive relative to the American equivalents. He competed well with the less expensive Indian alternatives beautifully as his employees delivered reliable results with excellent communication while the competition fell on their incompetent faces.

Brother #4 Giovanni
Giovanni was the smart one of the four. He had some of the same characteristics of all of the other brothers fused together. He knew this and he used it to his advantage. He was not in love with India, but made a few visits from time to time to see Antonio and get a sense of what the country had to offer. He liked how Luigi got affordable labor, but didn’t like the quality issues. He respected Guido for being a perfectionist as well. Giovanni had all of these characteristics in one human body. But Giovanni was going to find a better way to do business.

Giovanni decided that he would create a tri-national team. He would have Americans, Filipinos, and Indians all working together. He would find the best communicators, the best analysts, the finest writers, and the least expensive source of labor to do repetitive tasks like posting content on Twitter, etc. Giovanni knew that in general, Americans were better at communicating complicated ideas while Filipinos were better at customer service. He also knew that India was a good source of inexpensive technical labor and SEO specialists. However, he knew that he might find talent in unexpected places too, so he kept himself open.

He set up his sales and analysis office in the United States which is where he started. Later on he set up a customer service and general tasks office in Manila and another office for SEO and general tasks in India. Giovanni was getting his labor for US$3.00 per hour while his brother Luigi (who took pride in his ability to save money) was paying $35,000 per year plus medical, dental, unemployment insurance and other expenses. Giovanni was able to grow a Twitter account from scratch and get 100,000 followers in just a year. He hired the best analysts from America and India to compete with each other to find the best posts. Once he found who could get better posts for each dollar he spent, he hired that person to be the main analyst. He was able to hire people in Manila to post 48 times a day for each Twitter account which got them even more followers. And they also followed 1000 people three times a week on their accounts to get them even more followers. These Twitter accounts changed the SEO ranking of the sites for the businesses they represented, and they also were experts at Facebook, and a dozen other social media platforms.

Giovanni tapped into the world market to find the best analysts at the best price, the cheapest reliable labor, SEO, article writers for every niche and more. His business was so successful that he grew out of control. He offered the best quality:price ratio of any business of its type in the world and he became a multi-millionaire after a few years as a result.

Giovanni is not a real person, but he took advantage of what I call the bi-national hybrid outsourcing business model. You can too!