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Outsourcing your personal work

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I was watching a documentary on youtube about American workers who outsource their tasks to India.  One accountant has someone in Bangalore do all of his work for him. The American employee still had to come to the office everyday.  He had a nerf-ball which he played basket ball with in his cubicle.  His goal, he announced, was to do as little as possible.  My only thought was, why doesn’t his boss hire the person in India himself?
But, outsourcing your personal work could be done in parts too. Some people hire an appointment setter in Bangalore to help them book their appointments, set their dates, and take care of other arrangements.  If you need to send flowers to your wife, your personal assistant in Bangalore can book that for you easily.
I’m thinking of all the data entry I do daily, and how nice it would be if someone in Ahmedabad could do it all for me. That would save me two hours a day.  The problem is that I am not good at explaining tasks to people. So, if they do a task incorrectly, it is my mistake half the time for not communicating clearly. 
I outsourced my networking to a local company.  They have a young lady who is contacting company bosses throughout the world who will join my outsourcing directory. I do not have the skills  or patience to do this myself which is why I am happy that they are doing this for me.

Who Gets Listed How High On

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Who gets listed how high on our outsourcing directory? is an outsourcing directory that sorts outsourcers into a dozen or so categories.  The key to getting business is to be near the top of the list in your respective category. But, it is not always so easy to attain a top spot.  Since we are new as a directory, we have a vast majority of free listings currently.  Paid listings get listed higher on the search results than free listings do.  But, how are free listings ranked?
Our Preference System
We have a preference system for listings.  If you write reasonably well, and have a nice website, you might get a high placement even with a free listing!  If you send us a logo for your company, or have a Skype number, we might raise your placement a bit for that as well.  
Functional Websites
We feel that if you are a professional company, you would have an attractive and functional website. If your website doesn’t load properly, that is a big issue. That means that prospective customers can’t find you. On the other hand, if you have no website, that is a huge issue too. Many companies signing up with us have a website that says, “This domain for sale”.  That is not an encouraging sign!  Web sites that hide contact information are evasive. Customers want to know what country and general area you are located in.  If you have multiple offices, you should list them in your contact us page.
Foreign Numbers?
Picture yourself in the United States looking for a company to outsource to. Most Americans do not know how to call India, nor do they want to, even to save their own life.  People do not know how to calculate the 13.5 hour time difference from California to India which changes to 12.5 hours in the Spring and Summer due to daylight savings.  People in America do not understand international dialing codes, and feel alienated when we hear that funny ringing sound that phone lines in India have. You are used to your ring tones, but Americans find it very — foreign sounding.  So, what is the solution?  If you can get a US number, a UK number, perhaps a Dubai number too, and advertise that on your site next to your Skype number, you are making life easier for the foreign clients to reach you.  You will probably get many more foreign clients if you make their life easy, and we will list you higher on our list too!
Higher Placement = More Work!
Most companies want work, and as much work as they can handle.  Most companies want to grow and prosper. Being at the top of the list matters.  Please ask us about paid listings near the top of the list.  If you are going to get a free listing, please make sure you have a nicely written notes section, because your notes make a huge impression of how professional you are!

Now America works for India!

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I always thought that China would take over the world, and we would have to undergo repression, discrimination, and work for them.  But, the reality is much nicer — for those of us who like samosa and chai.  Infosys of India is training American workers.  American recent graduates will fly to India for six months of training, and then go back to their back offices in the states.  Everything in outsourcing is reversed now. 
But, India leads the world of spirituality and technology to some extent now.  Many salaries for programmers are actually higher in India than in America.  Many Lucky (smart) Indians are returning home to enjoy salaries in excess of US$100,000 per year.  Of course, most salaries are nowhere near that amount in the IT industry, but these high paying jobs are sprouting up in India more and more.
Meanwhile, at Tata, another huge Indian company, they have 5000 workers in Brazil, Chile and Uruguay of all places. Cognizant has opened back offices in Phoenix and Shanghai.  A few companies in India have opened call centers in the Philippines too. 
When I talk to narrow-minded people who are anti-outsourcing, I always stress that any small store in India sells 80% American products.  Shampoos, soaps, laundry detergent, and other small items sold in mini-stores in India seem to be made by American companies. Try spending an hour in Bangalore without seeing a Citibank, Subway, KFC, and other American businesses.  We are part of a global economy and currents flow both ways.
Japan has also capitalized on American labor with Toyota opening many plants throughout the United States. So, reverse outsourcing is a way of the future.  There is hope for America.  India will give us a job — and hopefully a samosa break too.

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