What is a microvacation?

What is a microvacation and why you should take one.

There are various types of vacations that a person could take. You could stay at home, go to a resort, go

to a foreign country, or just camp by a lake. These days there are more innovative types of breaks called “Workations,” “Twittercations,” and now there are “Microvacations” (not to be confused with Nanovacations.

It is hard for busy working people to get away.
You can’t take a one week or two week break whenever you feel like it. You need to be all done with your work and your meetings before you can seriously take time off. But, what if your work load just doesn’t end? There needs to be a system for dealing with that. Stress can pile up, and the stress doesn’t care if you have time for a break or not. You need a microvacation.

What is a microvacation?
A regular vacation could be a week or more, generally in a far away and hopefully relaxing or rejuvinating place. Or, it might be an interesting place with lots of sightseeing which could be refreshing albeit tiring. But, a microvacation is something that lasts only a few hours. It is not even as long as a mini-vacation or day trip. No, a microvacation is only a few hours at best.

Recommendations for quality microvacations?
The beauty of a microvacation is that they are low in cost. You don’t need to book hotels, and you don’t need to pay for expensive cabs, or airfare. Since a microvacation is so short, they are by definition nearby where you live. By my personal definition, a microvacation could be taken anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours from where you live. You simply drive to your destination, and then enjoy your activity. The point of a microvacation is to take you away from your regular stressful environment into a refreshing place. What you actually do is secondary providing that it rejuvinates you. Natural places are what I would recommend for a microvacation.

Where do I go for my microvacations?
I like the coast at sunset. I’ll often go for an hour or two. I will read blogs on my i-phone, or enjoy a quick meal at a coastal restaurant. The ocean vibration refreshes my mind and body, so that when I go back to work, I can function better with less stress. Sometimes I’ll visit the desert for a few hours as well. That is a longer drive, but it does miracles to boost my energy. Or, I’ll visit a local forest that relaxes me and boosts my energy. Use caution, because not all natural places will have the same effect on you. Choose places that you notice a definitive change in your mood or energy after you go there. Take notes on how you feel before and after each place, and go more than once to document your average net boost in energy or lowering of stress.

How often should I take a microvacation?
I would recommend a microvacation two or three times a week if you want to be able to work at optimal performance at your job. The weekend can be used for a longer microvacation that might require eight hours away from home. Shorter trips can be done after work during the week.

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