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Before the drug war in Mexico, it was popular for Americans to cross the border in search of fun, sun, good margaritas, tacos, and a generally good time. Unfortunately, if you go to Mexico now, you might end up being caught in the cross-fire. Mexico in reality has not really been safe since the 1950’s, but took a turn for the worse with all of the cartels causing so much trouble. Putting danger aside, let’s talk about the long term possibilities here.

The United States has a 1951 mile long border with Mexico. It is hard for workers to get visas to enter the United States. It is easy to get into Mexico. They don’t even check you when you enter the country. Imagine if outsourcing companies were set up right on the Mexican side of the border. You could import workers from India, The Philippines, The Ukraine, and anywhere else you want. Management could live on the US side of the border, but drive across every day to go to work, or stay in a short-term corporate housing situation.

There are countless places along this long border where there is an American city and a sister city in Mexico. San Ysidro, Mexicali, Yuma, Nogales, Brownsville, Laredo, and El Paso to name a few. The majority would probably be in Texas, but there are a few in other areas.

It might be very profitable in the long run to set up these types of operations. You get the benefit of American management and foreign labor, right within yelling distance of comfortable American metro areas! It is surprising that nothing like this has ever been tried to my knowledge. Maybe one day it will be tried. Keep in mind that this is not the least expensive way to create an outsourcing operation. Mexico is not the cheapest place for manufacturing, labor, or anything else (except for avocados). However, Mexico does offer the convenience of proximity, and a culture that is compatible with American culture (to a point), not to mention that their language is spoken by 10% of American citizens!

So, why not start a BPO right across the Rio Grande. It is worth a shot!

(1) Why not start a BPO right across the Rio Grande?
(2) Cross the border for a taco, margarita, or BPO outsourcing company w/a call center?

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