The benefits of commenting on other people’s Twitter accounts

This is very ironic, but on my outsourcing blog, we get almost no intelligent commentary. Those who comment, use spammy generic comments about how intelligently written my blog was and then a link to their site. Unfortunately, this is foolish, and doesn’t work. I will hardly ever publish this type of comment because it is obvious that they didn’t read the actual article and have nothing of value to say. However, if someone who had a link to share did publish something of value in response to my blog, then I would publish their comment along with the link which would have a good SEO value for them. Why is it that there are almost no intelligent people commenting on my outsource blog?

In any case, good blog commenting is a great way to share a link. But, what about good Twitter comments? Commenting on Twitter has many advantages.

(1) Your comment might get retweeted if it is gracefully written. But, even some dumb comments like TYFF (thanks for following) can get favorited and retweeted. Some people ain’t got no class if you ask me! Beautifully written intelligent comments are a lot more likely to gain you new followers and get retweeted multiple time which in turn gets you more exposure and more followers. If you do Twitter, you need at least 10,000 followers to make any dent in your SEO, so start accumulating!

(2) The person who the comment is addressed to might follow you. In my experience, for every ten people I write an intelligent comment to, I will get about two or three new followers. Those odds are not that bad. I might be able to sort through several hundred tweets and write about fifteen good responses per hour which translates into about four new followers for me. Getting followers manually is hard work, so make sure that the people you are contacting are a very well optimized match for your business. Make sure they have the same interests and retweet people regularly or you are wasting your time buddy!

(3) Learning value? By commenting on other people’s twitter, I learn what people like to read that I wrote. If I write a witty whimsical comment and it gets retweeted a few times, I learn that whatever I wrote is popular. I could tweet my comment as a regular tweet if it is so popular. I could even tweet it on a regular basis if it reels in the audience!

(4) If the person you wrote to writes back to you, your Twitter address will show up on their feed. You might get new followers just be being seen. Additionally, commenting gets your icon in the other person’s twitter account if people click the expand link. You can see all of the favorites, retweets, and comments by clicking expand.

I hope this article has expanded your consciousness about twitter. If not, click the expand link!

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