Quantity vs. Quality in Blogging?

Is it better to write a bunch of mediocre material, or a handful of really good pieces? If you have a blog, you will notice that you cannot get decent search engine placement unless you have at least 200 articles, and some keyword variations or keyphrases that are getting noticed on Google. You need regular material to tweet on twitter, and lots of material to share on Facebook. So, do you need quality or quantity? Neither! You need articles that match the interests of your readers whether they are well written or not. People would prefer to read a poorly written piece about their favorite restaurant than a professionally written piece about the how the president of Congo lost his keychain.

Critical mass
Once you have attained critical mass and have written enough to populate your blog with one or two pieces per day, then you can think about quality. You could spend extra time on themes that your analytics show that your readers are almost sure to like. Or, you could touch up existing pieces that your readers already liked. If you touch up the top 5% of your material, you can link to those special entries from other entries, creating a chain of reading pleasure!

How long does it take to touch up materials?
I spend anywhere from forty-five minutes to three hours with a professional writer just touching up a single piece. This costs hundreds and is not worth it unless you have a good strategy. Touch up work before you do a major promotion of that work. If you are going to use Facebook PPC, or use it regularly on Twitter, or link to it from many other entries — then a touch up might be worth your money. But, what about articles that nobody likes no matter how well written they are? Let them sit by the side of the road. They are not worth it unless you are a top-notch fancy blog for a huge company where reputation is paramount.

Good luck!

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