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Facts of interest about BPOs in Mumbai
Which metro gets the most outsourcing?
Mumbai is the second most popular outsourcing destination in india with 60,000 employees in the BPO sector according to with Bangalore in first place and Delhi down from second to third place this year.  
Mumbai BPO employee was run over by a train.
It was reported on Dec 16th, 2010, on, that a 19 year old boy named Mohammed was talking on a cell phone and was run over by a train in Mumbai.  His legs were severed and he had serious head injuries and died later at a Vashi Navi Mumbai hospital.  The train was honking at him the whole time, but I guess Mohammed’s attention was distracted.  India is in dire need of much higher safety standards because thousands die annually from unnecessary and tragic accidents.
BPO’s in Mumbai and the handicapped
A Mumbai BPO called Barrier Break Technologies specializes in creating websites for the handicapped.  This company tests websites and designs websites for big ticket clients such as their government and a handful of international clients.  Not only does this company design sites for the handicapped, but this Mumbai  BPO’s workforce is made up primarily of disabled or differently-abled staff members. 
Honestly, the terms disabled and differently-abled don’t do a person justice.  We are all abled in many ways, and a challenge to our mobility or health should not limit us from having a productive work and recreational life.  I personally prefer the term physically challenged.   Its a broad, general, and beneficially vague term.
India needs to do more for physically challenged individuals, to help them get around more easily and safely, not to mention finding ways for them to have an optimal work life.  A friend from Hyderabad once made this quote, “In India, when you are handicapped… you are really handicapped… there are no ramps, no help… nothing”
Another Mumbai BPO called Intelenet hires 5% of their employees who are “uniquely-abled”.  This company tries to give individual support to these employees.

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  1. Mumbai BPO says:

    Mumbai has been overtaken by Gurgaon I guess. Gurgaon , Noida is where most new BPOs are coming up now.

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