Vedic Astrology and your Business

Vedic Astrology and Your Business
Vedic Astrology or just plain regular Western style astrology effects your business, marriage, and life more than you think.  Throughout the ages, different places in the globe have come out with different styles of astrology.  The technical names are different, but the verdicts will share many parallels.  Its not so much if you believe in astrology or not, but whether or not you have a sophisticated practitioner that really matters.
I’m lucky in this regard.  I live in the same building as a very seasoned astrologer.  She is a European astrologer, not a vedic astrologer, but that is a detail to me. She dictated to me what type of business I would do well at. Fortunately, I’m already in exactly that type of business, and doing well.  Since I have Uranus in my career house, I would be good at virtual business i.e. internet business. Fortunately, I figured that out a decade before the reading.  My astrologer can also tell me which relationships will work, and what the challenges will be.  She can also figure out why people get along or don’t.  My housemate had an argument with a mutual friend. The astrologer blamed it on their Mars being incompatable.
Its fascinating living with an astrologer. I see the world in a completely new perspective.  Constellations and planets determine how business will function, communicatiion problems, and relationships.  Wow!  Every day has a unique energy. There are global constellations, and personal planetary transits.  Its really interesting. I’ve learned enough to be able to predict which day will have more new sales, more renewals, and which days I should just go hiking and take the day off!
Relationships are an imporant factor that a good vedic astrologer can help with.  If you are considering a marriage, a good astrologer can tell you what the challenges are with a particular match.  The details can not really be revealed in the chart, but will show up in your life.  At least you know what to look for!
Geo-Astrology is a great tool to figure out which place is best for  you to live. It can take into consideration finances, home, relationships, health, and much more.  The proof of the pudding is actually to spend time there and to take notes on how life really is.  But, astrology can at least give you some ideas of what places are best for you to try first.  So far, my geo-astrological chart has pointed me in areas that were most balanced for me in the long run!
Whether you belive in Vedic astrology or not, people have been basing marriages and careers on it for centuries, so there is a lot to it.  I suggest learning more about it since its a valuable indicator!

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