Reverse Outsourcing in India

Reverse Outsourcing in India
Reverse outsourcing is rampant in India.  Instead of us getting our services from them, they are outsourcing their lunch, shampoo, and even their university education to us.  KFC, Subway, Best Western, Whole Foods, and even Duke University have taken root in India and are leading the reverse outsourcing craze.
In the old days, your choices from lunch included a box lunch from  your wife.  There was a famous company in Mumbai that delivered lunch to people.  They would send someone to the person’s house, so their wife could give a freshly cooked box lunch to the “dabbawalla” to be delivered to the husband at work.  Typical North and South Indian food are available in most Indian metros, with an added bonus of Chat, Pao Bujji, and Pani-Poori in Mumbai as regularly available snacks.  But, things have changed.  Now you can reverse outsource your lunch to an American company.  KFC in India has branches all throughout the country in most or all of the main metros.  The taste is slightly different from American KFC.  Indian KFC has more sweet chili taste, while American KFC has more of the taste of the various mystery herbs and spices that the world has been trying to decode for decades.  Subway is all around India too.  McDonalds has wonderful Indian burgers such as the aloo-tikki burger made out of potatoes, spices and other vegetarian items ground up into a delicious patty!  Pork and beef are typically left out of the menus at these establishments.  So, Americanization goes only so far.
If you go to an Indian convenience or medical store, you will find that most of the items are from the good ole’ USA.  Laundry detergent, shampoo, soaps, chocolate bars, the brand names are almost all American sounding!
But, the new trend in reverse outsourcing is education.  For years Indians and Chinese have been coming to America in droves to get their Master’s degrees.   Leaving their families behind to indulge in long hours of study, lonlineness and culture shock. Those days are being… well…. reversed!  Soon, you will be able study at Duke, right in the privacy of your own country! Yale is planning a joint venture with IIT in Kanpur and Kozhikode.  Brown is planning a branch in New Delhi.  There are many other Universities in line for overseas expansion. It looks like KFC in India is not the only American satellite presence! 
India needs 600 more universities and 35,000 colleges over the next 12 years according to Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal.
As time goes on, India will have access to everything we have here in America.  The only thing that they need to outsource from us that is not on the list… clean air and uncongested roads.   Maybe that will get on the agenda soon.

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