How to start a website for an outsourcing company

How to start a website for an outsourcing company
Since the 90’s, it has been the in thing to do to start a website.  Having a website can drastically improve your marketing presence, and get you many more clients. Unfortunately, people are not aware of the costs involved in having a website, or how difficult it is to promote a site.
Sites for general outsourcing companies
There are different purposes for having a site.  One, is to be able to refer people who you already know or met to a site online so that they can easily get an overview of your company.  The other, is so that potential clients who do not know of you can find you online and perhaps contact you to purchase your services.  Just having a site which you don’t market much is a challenge in itself, but marketing a site can be murder.  
What to put in the site
The main components of a site are a flashy home page, a contact us page, an about us page, and a services page.  If your services are very involved, you might have several back up pages to elaborate on your various services.  The home page should have an easy to use navigation system that links to the various additional pages.  The site should look good, be functional, and information should be easy to find.  The hard part is that good artwork and layout are not easy and can cost a lot of lakhs to do a good job.  The mere act of finding someone capable of doing a good job in web design is also no easy feat.   If you are in India, the other websites in your country may be a bad role model.  Some of the fancier travel sites and web design sites may have flashy styles, but the other sites are very plain and unappealing. India is modernizing fast, so the trend is to have flashy sites, but this trend is unfolding slowly.  
Maintaining your site
Most people just want some price quotation of how much their site will cost.  The cost never ends.  Hosting goes on as long as you keep your site.  You have to renew your registration with the DNS.  And then, updating information and fixing things that break (especially in databases) is a real hassle.  If your information dosen’t change, then the server’s platform, or something on internet explorer might change.
Marketing your site
Optimization is a world of its own.  I do optimization ten hours a week for my sites. I analyze where traffic is coming from, and what various types of clicks are worth to me.  I create new content to support certain keywords and do linking strategies to link my internal pages. I also have a network of people who link to me in exchange for advertising.  Analyzing what content to put on pages, or what pages to link to what other pages is not easy.  There are many factors to consider there.  How many people click on the link, how good the content is you are linking to, and how relevant the information is.  Where you put the link and what type of artwork the link is housed in is critical as well.  With these multiple factors, you could be analyzing all day long for months. 
The place to start with a small website is to identify which keywords you want to stress, and promote them on selected pages.  Having an analytics account to track what incoming keywords come to your site is irreplaceable for the analysis that you will need to do later on.  Regional keywords are critical, because there is less competition for the key word “Web Design Darjeeling”, than there is for “Web Design”.  There are hundreds of thousands of web designers world wide, but only a handful in Darjeeling.
Ask for help
Need help with optimization ideas?  Ask us at  I am not a professional optimizer, but I have four years of experience optimizing my own sites with considerable success!
What is SEO?  It just means search engine optimization.  It is a fancy word for optimization.  SEM is search engine marketing that can be done with pay-per-click networks such as google adwords. That is a fast way to get clicks and see which keyword variations generate traffic.
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