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China Software BPO Industry Growth
China is growing rapidly as an outsourcing country.  Manufacturing has been an economic strength in China for many decades, but outsourcing is a new opportunity that China is quickly capitalizing on.  China has five economic zones that specialize in export manufacturing are often on or near the coast, making shipping easy.  But, what about China’s inland cities like Cheng-Du for example? Sze-Chuan is a province named after the four rivers that pass through it. They are famous for spicy dishes such as Kung Pao Chicken and Pandas. However, they are very far from shipping ports, and the status of China’s freeway system is far from mature.   Outsourcing technical tasks to faraway metros in Western China seems perfect.
Labor Costs
Labor costs in remote parts of  China are also much less than in the larger cities, giving remote areas another huge advantage in the outsourcing industry.  IBM set up a global delivery center in Cheng-Du in 2007 after opening up centers in more mainstream urban areas of Coastal China.
Relocation in China
China is a country where many will be willing to relocate to get a good job.  Although Chinese are very sentimental about their families, the drive to get ahead in their career is so powerful, that if companies were set up in the farthest extremes of Xin-Jiang province, droves of people would flock there to get a programming, BPO, or other type of job.
Other Factors
The banking industry in China facilitates fast business growth which is a boon which many other countries don’t have.  Additionally, the government is very clever about building good buildings and roads, to enable companies to be created and grow efficiently.  Good internet connections are found in many parts of China, and without internet, many businesses couldn’t exist at all.  Its easy to get low rent for office space in China which is yet another reason why China is a country with the fastest economic growth rate of any country on the planet.

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