Outsourcing your personal work

I was watching a documentary on youtube about American workers who outsource their tasks to India.  One accountant has someone in Bangalore do all of his work for him. The American employee still had to come to the office everyday.  He had a nerf-ball which he played basket ball with in his cubicle.  His goal, he announced, was to do as little as possible.  My only thought was, why doesn’t his boss hire the person in India himself?
But, outsourcing your personal work could be done in parts too. Some people hire an appointment setter in Bangalore to help them book their appointments, set their dates, and take care of other arrangements.  If you need to send flowers to your wife, your personal assistant in Bangalore can book that for you easily.
I’m thinking of all the data entry I do daily, and how nice it would be if someone in Ahmedabad could do it all for me. That would save me two hours a day.  The problem is that I am not good at explaining tasks to people. So, if they do a task incorrectly, it is my mistake half the time for not communicating clearly. 
I outsourced my networking to a local company.  They have a young lady who is contacting company bosses throughout the world who will join my outsourcing directory. I do not have the skills  or patience to do this myself which is why I am happy that they are doing this for me.

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