Rules verses Reality: Feng Shui and Vaastu

Rules verses reality of Feng Shui and Vaastu

For those who are regulars to my blog, you will know that I look at business in a multi-dimentional way, including metaphysical viewpoints in my greater perspective. India has Vaastu, and China has Feng Shui. Both are concerned with finding lucky spots and lucky directions, and I use it DAILY in real life — and I am no fool. Yes, it works, but you have to know how to work it!

The rules don’t always apply?
I went to a formal Feng Shui school. We learned how to do charts of houses and learned formal rules of feng shui. I didn’t stay long enough to learn the advanced materials, but enough to know how to do basic readings. There is a simplistic rule that water to the North is good for money. Another general concept is that places where the affluent stay have a better vibration for making money. My last Feng Shui trip to San Diego proves this that this theory doesn’t always produce favorable results.

I frequently go to the San Diego area in California to de-stress after weeks of over-working. The relaxing energies there really help, and the water energy at the beach is great for my health and spirits. The purity of the water there helps too, as the coast in Los Angeles county is impure from all of the heavy industry and heavy thoughts in the air! I stayed at a few different hotels to test out the Feng Shui. I stayed a really swanky place for one night. The Hyatt. Wow, was it expensive, and the soaps smelled so nice. If only I were a millionaire, I could stay there every night and have fragrant body lotion and fluffy towels every day! My business did extremely well the following day after a night at the Hyatt. But, the next night I wanted to try out the theory about how water to the north is good for money and business.

I know from experience and from school that water to the North is good for money, but if the water isn’t moving, it doesn’t help so dramatically. When I go to Yosemite National Park, I will stand directly South of a large waterfall to absorb the energies of the fast moving water directly North of me — and YES, I bring a digital compass to verify the exact direction.

Water to the North doesn’t always help?
But, during my last trip to San Diego I stayed at a hotel on the La Jolla Beach coast that had water directly North and West, and the waves were decent enough to surf on. The hotel was in a well to do area, but I got a cheap rate since I arrived late and left early. They gave me the “crash” special. Rich area — water to the North — this is a formula for wealth, right? WRONG! We made very modest sales the following day. By the way, my experience with lucky Feng Shui spots is that they effect you for roughly 24 hours after you arrive, so I track sales the following day after staying at a hotel or having a long dinner in a lucky restaurant. My only conclusion here is that the hotel was too old, and had a bad chart which was why my sales weren’t better the next day. Or, perhaps I just went on an unlucky day? Astrology is a factor here too. It is best to try a location on three non-consecutive days to get a basic preliminary reading assessment.

Poor areas aren’t always bad!
The next night I stayed in my favorite town of Encinitas. I love this place because the people are very nice, and the restaurants and coffee houses are so interesting and unique. Have you ever tried cardamom ice cream or dark chocolate cayenne ice gelato? You should! And, you should try it very soon if you have good taste! I love this town because Yogananda built a beautiful meditation garden there that has been blessed by the gods including lord Krishna. Even Jesus appeared there in astral form before Yogananda at that garden once! I like to meditate there and absorb all of the divine energies plus the healthy vibrations from all of the flowering plants and the sea. A few weeks before, I stayed at a very modest hotel in the area, and sales the next day were almost nothing. So, I thought the whole area had a bad money energy. But, this time, I stayed at another modest hotel, and sales were through the roof. We made triple the average new sales that day. So, the moral of the story is that knowing all of the various feng shui rules is good for your personal reference, but sometimes a very average place might have very good feng shui. You really have to spend time in many places to get a good feel for which place is lucky and which place is not. Take notes otherwise the experiences you have will go to waste!

Regardless of what country you live in, there are lucky places you can go. Even if you only go to a place for an hour per day, that is long enough to get roughly 40% of the energy you would get if you were there for 24 hours which can change your business tremendously. Visiting a lucky hotel, waterfall or restaurant can completely transform your business if you go regularly. This is part of my lifestyle because it is powerful!

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