Indians who succeed use their real name

Indians who succeed use their real name!

It seems to be the culture in North India that you have to be Americanized.  But, the Americanization is really fake.  I see people on TV wearing very American clothes and doing American activities, but their style of interaction is very uptight and completely opposite from how Americans interact.  To make it in America, you are better off being a traditional Indian who wears a sari and has good interaction skills.

People in North Indian call centers are brainwashed into thinking that they have to be white skinned, have a neutral accent, and be a fake American to succeed.  Unfortunately, the fake Americanization people go through seems to have no bearing on what the real American culture is, and is just a cheap imitation or what the Chinese might call a knock off.  It is like buying a fake Rolex in Hong Kong for $5… It might outwardly appear to be a Rolex at first glance, but it is an imitation, and it shows.

Even when I see North Indian girls (from Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, etc.) socializing in America, they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing Indian clothes, yet they never seem to socialize with real Americans.  Hmmm.  If they REALLY were Americanized, they would feel completely at home with real Americans, right?  The truth seems to be that traditional South Indians — with their dark skin, saris, arranged marriages, and so on, are MORE compatible with Americans than bleached Aryan looking Indians who wear Denim and shorts and make a fake attempt at being a Westerner.  Why is this?  INTERACTION STYLE.  The way South Indians interact is more gentle and calming — Americans are more agreeable to this style of interaction than the spastic manner of their counterparts in Delhi.

The Indians who I know who are getting ahead — far ahead — are themselves. They are real.  They are good at what they do (really good in fact).  And they do NOT use a fake American name!

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