Should you have a niche in your outsourcin​g market?

Many outsourcing companies have various specialties that are popular.  This is normal. But, how many do their work in a special way that separates them from the pack? Would it be a good idea to do so?  Survival in business can be achieved in several ways:  Being the best, being first (having longevity in a particular industry or invention), and being different.   It makes sense to be super in any case, but being unique can get you certain types of clients more easily — clients that tend to like the specialized way that you perform your work.

Lets say that there are ten call centers in India and let’s say that they are all more or less run the same way.  They will be competing on price, and on who knows who, and not much else.  But, what if one call center developed a reputation of having flexible terms.  What if another call center had girls with very pleasing voices.  Perhaps a third had workers who received two hours a day in coaching and that they were by far the most capable and refined in the entire marketplace.  As you can see, there are may ways to differentiate yourself from the competition, and developing a long range brand identify might make sense if you do a good job of it.

There are ways to screw up your brand image.  If you try to promote your workers as the best trained, but still do shoddy work half the time, you will quickly lose your reputation.  Be an extreme of what your branding says you are, and then nobody will ever question you.  If you are cheap, then be extremely cheap.  If you are good, then be really good.  If you specialize in being multi-lingual, then offer 20 languages, and have really good people speaking all of those languages.  You get the picture!

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