The secret to success is to hire more employees!

Every time we call companies, the manager is always busy. Companies take too long to get back to people, and too long to get things done. Companies don’t want to hire someone new because it is too labor intensive to interview people and train new people. Companies lose so many new clients because they are not fast enough on the draw getting back to people, and too slow to do good work.

Basically, the bottom line is that companies are too short-staffed to have the resources to hire new people. That is an oxymoron and makes no sense.

My enterprise suffered from the same fate that these other companies I am describing in my first paragraph suffer from. My enterprise is tiny, with only three people, plus outsourced social media staff and outsourced programming staff. We have so many different things to do, and it is hard to train people to do those new things. But, I finally started a new person with some phone tasks. She offered a lot of coaching to new clients on how they could do their marketing better. The effect was that our sales grew by 60% overnight. Karmically, the sales growth could have been because of my increased help to my clients. It is hard to say. But, if you have more people doing actions at your company, then there is more room for profits.

If you have slightly more labor than you need, then you will be covered when someone is sick. You will be covered when someone is on a vacation. When Diwalli or Christmas comes around, you might be able to have more employees who will stick around. You will not have a problem being behind on work. You can call people back really fast, or answer their call to begin with instead of having them leave a message.

Spiritually, you create a vacuum when you have available labor. You attract more work. There is so much work out there that if you do a good job attracting it through good marketing and spiritual means (the spiritual vacuum theory), that you can become very wealthy! All you need to do is hire more people — train them very thoroughly, and keep an eye on them to make sure they are doing a good job.

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