The correlatio​n between personalit​y type and work behavior

I am by no means an expert in this subject, but I have seen many different personality types in the workplace, and seen how the quality of their work was as well. To equate a personality type with a particular type of work output is not possible — it is too complicated. But, I noticed many things with the companies I have hired for outsourcing tasks. I have notice who has what type of personality — and I’ve noticed how their work is and how their attitude towards work is.

Good personalities
I have worked with many people who have great personalities. Having a friendly disposition doesn’t guarantee anything, however, it is better than having what Americans call “an attitude”, meaning an unfavorable attitude towards people and work. Technical skills and personalities do not correspond to each other — you might have a brilliant artist who is impossible to get along with or the opposite situation. Amongst the nice personalities with whom I have had the pleasure of working — I have notice that a few were very responsive and great workers. A few others gave brilliant advice and were really in tune with more than just their little niche in the work world. I have dealt with some very well-meaning flakes, who just do half of what they are supposed to, or don’t get back to you when they are supposed to. I have seen busy types who just promise that they will help you — and then find out they are too busy and leave you hanging for more than a month. I worked with another gentleman who was nice, but reserved, and only semi-competent about his work skills. Another lady was very friendly, but helter skelter about her output without me babysitting the work. All in all, I would say that the ATTITUDE of friendly workers is much better than of anti-social or hostile workers. I will also say, that the overall OUTPUT of friendly workers is “on average” better than the unfriendly ones. However, work skills, responsiveness, responsibility and other aspects of working can not be determined by personality

Unfriendly personalities
There are all types of people who I have met who I asked myself, “How is it that this person can have a job — any job?”. When I ask this question of myself, I usually get an answer from the universe a few months or years later when that employee I am thinking about gets terminated.

Hostile types
Workers who are argumentative, rude, or hostile in any way are a huge risk. They will be the first to betray you, or let you down. They don’t care about you or your work. They are there because they have to be, or for the money. Perhaps they like the technical aspect of their job, but they certainly will not care about you. I would start shopping around if you find an unfriendly type.

Anti-social types
These are much better than the hostile types. They will do their work, but I have never had an anti-social type give my work the attention it deserves. The anti-social types I have seen so far have all exhibited the same attitude towards my work. They do the work without that much care. There are errors at all stages of the process. Additionally, I will be kept waiting, and have to ask multiple times for certain tasks to be done. Antisocial workers are far better than hostile workers in my experience. But, if you can find someone you have a positive social connection to, my experience tells me that you will get BETTER WORK from that person, as well as a more enjoyable overall experience.

The moral of this blog entry is to shop around (time consuming but worth it) and find nice, responsible people to work for you, and you will be a happier person as a result! When you find that nice person, reward them and give them a little extra to reward them for their good work from time to time, and both of you will be even happier and get even better work output!

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