Picturing your business dreams happening

I was reading some blogs about being motivated and successful today. This is my favorite topic besides cats and Chinese food. Some of the quotes and blog entries I was reading told me that you have to picture an outcome before it is possible. This is absolutely true. But, not so easy to realistically do.

According to one famous local Rabbi who is an expert at Kabbalah (Rav Berg): If you emphatically decide that you are going to Hawaii next week, then you are already there — the only thing that separates you from being in Hawaii is time, space and motion.

This is very esoteric and bizarre. In a sense he is right though. My personal story is based on a comment my astrologer housemate made to me. I had booked my ticket to India and was going to leave in four days. She commented that she felt I was already in India. And in a sense she was right. My vibration changed. My entire consciousness was immersed in India — what appointments I had there, the hotel, the traffic, people I was going to socialize with, etc. I was there in thought and in spirit. Quite bizarre — but true!

People pay a lot of money to go to success seminars and workshops and not without reason. The teachers always tell you to think positively and say affirmations, etc. These are all good things. But, they are ignoring one pivotal fact. If your SUBCONSCIOUS doesn’t feel something happening, then you lose the effect of the positive thinking.

A few months ago, I was thinking that my business would grow and I would hire new people, and try new things. Now, I am really feeling the growth. We really are growing. But, now I am picturing much bigger and better things happening. I am not even TRYING to picture these things. The thoughts are just coming to me. Perhaps my higher self is a few steps ahead of me and sees what is happening.

My suggestion to all of us is to practice picturing things. Sure our friends will think we are crazy. So, our first exercise in picturing things will to picture our friends who think we are crazy — and picture them saying things that really are crazy while we “visionasize” ourselves to success.

Picture how you want your business to be in 5 years or 10 years.
Picture what steps you are going to take to get to that point
Picture the daily things you need to do
Picture the structural changes you will need to do as well.
Also — picture me making $1,000,000 per day — do something for me too, okay?
After all, I had the courtesy to write this thought provoking article, right?

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