Getting the feeling of success in your bones

I talked to a new programmer who I hired. He and I were doing some similar feng-shui experiments. He wanted to be successful, so he went and spent time in some very wealthy neighborhoods to get success in his bones. He is now successful, and hires 10 people. I’m sure that his visits to poshe areas helped. I am very inspired by this new programming boss because he thinks like I do. He takes analytics on everything, and belives in the power of feng-shui.

I have been visiting Bel-Air regularly. One of the most wealthy neighborhoods in the world. House values in Southern Bel-Air range from 3 million to 30 million. Rent can be $300,000 per month in some homes. What do you pay for rent per month? $300,000 is pretty expensive, especially when you don’t have roommates to split the rent and utilities!

The first time I visited Bel-Air as an adult, my business started to flourish. Keep in mind that I used to visit Bel-Air, CA regularly as a courier. I had daily deliveries there and went all around that neighborhood. But, that was 17 years ago, and I was in a different business then. I don’t think the neighborhood had much of an effect on me at that point. So, since the area had such a positive effect on me, I thought I would take my friends there. One friend came with me, and his business benefitted after the visit. But, my other friend said she didn’t benefit at all. So, I believe that the mystical energies in certain areas only benefit those who are in particular types of businesses, or are in some way tuned in to the energies.

But, there is more. Besides my income going up, the way I think changed too. A few months ago, I wanted my business to grow, but it was hard for me to picture it happening. Now, I am feeling my business expand under my very feet. I am picturing where it is going to be in a few months, and a few years. I am making my plans for what I should do today, because I see how it will effect me once I have evolved a little more in the next year. I am seeing the new types of staff members I will need, what their roles will be, and how nit-picky I will be about all procedures. I will have all of my procedures streamlined and semi-automated as well. I have also predicted the next type of business that I will go into on the side.

The bottom line is that you really need to picture your success unfolding and live it in your waking dreams to get that feeling into your bones. Live it like a virtual reality game. Keep picturing yourself living the type of life you want and doing the type of business you love. Plus get a lucky feng-shui spot that works for you. Maybe there is a part of the city that gives you good luck. Experiment a little and find that lucky spot. You won’t regret it. Remember — one spot that is lucky for you might not be lucky for someone else — it is very personalized!

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