Your heart already knows what you want to become in business

Do you listen to your heart? I talked to a man who believed that your heart and intestines had ganglia and intelligence. Personally, I believe that all parts of our body have consciousness. I believe that rocks have consciousness — not a very evolved consciousness, although I’m sure that some rocks are more evolved than other rocks.

Many of us are just so caught up in our daily work, that we don’t listen to our true self. We don’t listen to our intuition. We don’t do what we really should be doing, or at least not for long after it is due. As business owners, we need to really listen to ourselves for once. Maybe we need to meditate once a week on what we need to do, and what is important. I was doing this before and it worked well. Now, I am not so regular on this.

As business people, I feel that many of us are simply out of touch with watching our business. There is too much to watch and we are too busy. In 2013 life is busy. Everyone is busy whether they have a business or not. You need to free yourself up a bit. Hire some new assistants. Train some new people. Free yourself up so that you can watch and listen. Watch what is going on externally, and then watch what your intuition is trying to tell you.

It is like being two people. You have a higher self which knows the answers. Then, you have our mundane self which is really busy and is lost in a sea of distractions. The one self needs to listen to the other self. Connect yourselves. Then you will be on the right track: the both of you(s). The answers are all there — inside you. Wow, I sound like a guru. Maybe I should go to one of those schools of guruology and become a real guru. I am already saying guru type lines — and I meditate regularly — I am part of the way there already!

But you should listen to your gut too. Americans are better at listening to their gut than their heart in my experience. Listen to both. Your heart will help you more with aspiring to dreams. Your gut will be better at keeping you out of trouble. If your gut doesn’t like an idea, it will probably turn out to have serious issues. So, listen to your heart, gut, and maybe your liver and kidneys too — why not. Why should you leave out any vital organs, right?

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