Does your company have a refined mission statement?

Many companies publish a mission statement on their website. But, that is only a token of a mission. A real mission is like a shared purpose. If all the workers are trained regularly to be familiar with what the long term goals of the company are, then they will be more on the same team as you.

Workers are concerned with their personal lives, families, pay checks, free time, quality of life, etc. But, are they concerned at all with the goals of the company? Your company will lack cohesiveness if not. Workers tend to do better work if they see a bigger picture. If they see how their work affects society in a bigger way, they will do the same boring work, but with a much better attitude. So, having them tuned into your company’s mission regularly, can help with seeing the bigger picture.

Imagine a call center whose goal is to enrich the lives of people by providing pleasant phone calls.

If your goal is to make others happy by being pleasant, you will think less of how unpleasant your job is, and more about the goal. If you keep thinking about that goal, then the lives of the people you call will be better and you will be nicer to them.

On the other hand, your mission could be to be great at giving information rather than being nice. You might be socially awkward on the phone. But, if you are always trying to be the best at giving information, people will remember your company as the one who gave them the best information. They might dump the “pleasant” people at the other company to get more great information from people at your company.

Another goal for a call center might be to be the fastest call center around. You could train workers to get callers off the phone fast. The problem is that you might cut people off before they were done having their problem fixed, or they might think you were rude.

Ideally, a company mission should be a combination of factors. Be as fast as you can be without upsetting anyone. Or give great information while being polite. Be pleasant while also giving effective answers to questions.

The main point of this article is that if you keep your company’s mission in your worker’s ears at regular intervals, they will be more in tune with what your company is all about — and so will you.

There is one company whose company mission is the best one in the world. They are:

Mission Tortilla
I’m not sure what their mission is, but I think it is to make the most great tortilla chips in the world — and they succeed at this too. Maybe it is because the word mission is embedded in their name. What do you think?

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