Synergy & working closely with others

I love work relationships, particularly if you learn from them. Working with others is very spiritual. There is always some sort of exchange going on. It is more than the money, or even whether you like each other or not. There is learning, and an exchange of consciousness (that’s deep!!!).

I work with a lady who is a great writer. She writes wonderful tweets too. Innovation is her specialty, and she finds the best way of doing just about everything. But, there is more. We work on writing projects together. I am a sloppy writer with endless ideas. She is a refined writer, but lacks the familiarity with my audience. When you put us together, miracles happen. It is a marriage of crowdsourcing skills & writing skills.

Our twitter account hardly ever got retweeted in previous years. We got a handful of retweets per month which is a disaster for an account with 3000 followers. If I had known more about Twitter at the time I would have said, “It’s embarrassing!”. But, due to my interactions with my Twitter specialist (an outsourced social media consultant), and my writing companion who I work with, my tweets got better. I learned the art of writing and refining tweets. I learned the art of narrowing down on what my audience wanted to hear. There are actually about eight types of tweets that my followers like. So, now I just keep giving them what they like, and craft my tweets with much more care, and I get retweeted multiple times per day — every day!

But, the punch line of this blog entry is that the magic happens when we work together. Put us apart and we can both tweet. But, put us together and we refine ideas and come out with far better ideas. In the past we got 5-10 retweets per month. Recently, many of our tweets get 3, 4, or in one case 10 retweets — EACH. Miracles have happened. It is all from finding people you work well with. So, if you sample working with others, and find someone you work well with — that is something valuable. Don’t throw it away!

The lady I worked with noticed that one of my blogs was composed with an endless quantity of aphorisms. I said, “Don’t you mean, Aphor-Americanisms?”

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