What time of the day do you think better?

What is time?
Time is an intangible non-object that is very critical to our daily lives. Astrology dictates whether a particular day will be good for you or not, and whether the world will have a good day or not as well. Did you know that there are 12 periods of the day according to acupuncture theory? The human body is “focusing” more on particular parts of the body at different times.

The bewitching hours of the night!
11pm to 3am is the time of the night when the body emphasizes activity of the gallbladder and then the liver. If you have problems with your gallbladder, it is good to be asleep before 11pm, so that your body can optimally perform healing activities for the gallbladder. 5am to 7am is when the large intestine is more active. Sometimes, when I experience pain due to a dry colon, it happens typically around that time, although my body will react between 4:30am and 8am. I guess my body is not punctual!

But, what about your work life?
Is there a time of the day when you are more productive, or do better at certain tasks?Do you do phone calls better in the morning? Are you better at accounting at 2pm. Did you ever put any thought into this? You can make a chart and take notes as to how well you do particular tasks at different times of the day.

Business decisions
If you engage in deep thought for business decisions, from 11pm to 3am is perfect. The atmosphere is still, and you can think on a very subtle level. You can meditate on business decisions at that time. I do this regularly.

A formal study
A study was done on Junior High Students by Finley Edwards of Colby College. Students did 3% better at math and reading when they started the day an hour later.

Interesting! What do you think? (But, don’t think about this now, because now is not a good time to think.)

(1) Time is an intangible non-object, but what time of the day do you think better?
(2) According to 82% of spiritual gurus, time does not exist. But, what time of the day do you think better?
(3) Students did 3% better at math & reading when they started the day an hour later.

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