An outsourcing company is as good as its worst worker

Do you run an outsourcing company in Asia somewhere?

I bet you have an interesting mix of workers, right?

Some are geniuses, but others might be not so bright?

Imagine that you run a data entry company. Let’s say that I hire your company to do a task.

Let’s say that employee #1 handles my first request and he is okay. Let’s say I hire your BPO company to do another task and this time get employee #2. Great! But, on the 3rd try, I get employee #3 who is a liar and a cheat, not to mention lazy and incompetent. Let’s say that he bills me for double the work he did, and that his work was still not correct. Hmmm. In such a case, that one employee jeopardizes the reputation of the entire BPO company, and could lose the boss a client. Gulp?

So, we blame the worker for being dishonest and lazy, right? No! It is the boss’s fault for hiring a nitwit. After all, the nitwit is not in charge of the BPO company. They didn’t hire themselves. And, even if they did, it is not their fault for being a nitwit because after all, they are just a nitwit, right? I blame the boss. If I find out that a boss has a single less than standard worker, I would be very hesitant to do anything with that company.

Being realistic, I realize that most companies do hire a mix of empoyees, and most bosses just don’t understand the harm that their workers do to their company reputation. I HAND PICK workers at companies who I do business with. If the boss is stubborn and won’t let me, then they get fired just like that. I am smart enough to know that a bad employee can make my life miserable as a client.

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