Pretend to be a client and ask your staff questions

Can you disguise your voice and pretend to be a client? Or sit next to the phone and have someone else call your company. See how useful your staff is. Are they helpful and knowledgeable? Or are they merely pleasant, but yet give wrong answers to people’s questions. Sound familiar? Do you even keep track? Most companies don’t keep very good track. One company was very bad in the answers department. I asked three different staff members the same question and got three different answers. Good god! I hope your company is not like this!

You need to test your employees regularly to see if they know what they are doing. Don’t wait for your clients to call and complain. Your clients are not evenhanded. Some are the complaining type and complain about everything. With others, it is always personal. You need someone objective to analyze your staff’s attributes.

Just write down a bunch of questions and track what type of answers you get from whom.

Do this on graph paper for best results or on a spreadsheet.

Good luck — start doing this today.

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