Don’t let your blogs be blahg

Don’t let your blogs be blahg.

Everybody’s screaming for attention on the internet. In this era of short attention spans, you only have a nanosecond to grab somebody. If you can’t sell yourself, who can? Make sure the stuff you have to say is worth saying, or else store it in your blahg. Never to be looked at by anyone but you.

I peruse the web regularly, and read other people’s blogs. It seems that they are in it to have quantity and to catch some SEO benefits. Many blogs will have little snipits about some news item. You will read that such and such a company bought out some other company or started a new office in a particular city. This is boring! Nobody will want to refer such a boring article to a friend.

Your blog articles need to have a point. They need to have pizzazz. They need to be about a topic your readers can relate to. They need to take facts and interpret them in a way that makes the reader say, “Wow!” Most blogs simply do not do this!

What I learned through experience is that you don’t need to be a good writer to be a good blog writer. You just need to be able to write about various topics within your industry theme, and make it interesting. If you study your stats, and learn what people liked and what they didn’t, you can figure out what to write about in the future based on what was popular in the past.

Success in blogging is about attracting visitors and keeping them coming back. You need to start off by being interesting and then keep them coming back with diverse articles that are always different and interesting. Good luck, and don’t be blah!

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