Do you know how to communicate what is better about your company?

I wrote another blog entry regarding what is better about your company. This entry is similar in nature, but focuses more on the communication aspect. If you already know what is better about your company (most people don’t,) mastering communicating those facts in a graceful and convincing way is paramount.

Most of us are not salespeople. I am very awkward in sales. I am slightly better if I am selling a product that I sell a lot of. Normally, people want to buy listings from me. They ask why they should spend more on a listing, and will that help them get ahead. I tell them that many people who pay more for high placed listings do very well, but that there are multiple factors involved and I don’t want to make promises that I can’t guarantee. As you can see, I am very reluctant to make claims. My information is more statistical rather than a sales pitch. Fortunately, my reputation for delivering jobs to people via my directories speaks for itself, so I don’t have to do the bragging myself! I tell them that the customers who have high placement and do everything else according to my recommendations typically do very well, although a few who are unlucky don’t. It is worth the risk since 90% of the ones who do everything well, get enough jobs to pay for their investment. The odds are very much in your favor. But, enough about me!

You need to practice communicating. Interacting with clients is an art. If you don’t practice, you will not be smooth at it. When you interact with clients, take notes on what you did well, and what you need to work on. Fortunately for me, I do only 10% of the sales for my company. I have someone who is a natural saleswoman do the rest of the selling. She is not afraid to make claims and tell stories of people who got rich from doing business with us.

Obviously you need to have a memorized list of things that make your company better. When clients ask about your company, you need to talk about each attribute or aspect of how you are better. But, don’t stop there. See if they have objections or what they say. They might want to question you, or argue with you about something. Are you smooth at handling yourself in a difficult situation? You need to be in sales. You need to understand how the other person feels, and try to find a way to make them more comfortable without telling them a bunch of nonsense. Let’s do an example

Vikas: Hi, this is Vikas from VKS Web Design
Fred: Hi,this is Fred. I need to hire a Web Design company.
Vikas: We specialize in all aspects of Web Design. We are also very specialized in flash design.
Fred: I don’t like flash design, and the last guys I dealt with tried to sell me on some flash design.
Vikas: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Would it make you feel better if you meet our designers face to face and have them show you their work?
Fred: Hmm, that would be very nice. Instead of a sales pitch, I get to see the real deal!
Vikas: Exactly, and if you don’t want to have flash work done, we can accommodate you in any way you like. We cater to those at any budget.
Fred: I am liking this more and more. I get to have it my way, and you’ll be nice about it!
Vikas: Yes, that is how we like to do it. If you are happy, then we are happy.

See how nice Vikas was. He didn’t try to twist a stranger’s arm into signing a contract. He was just nice, helpful, and dealt with objections in a very kindhearted and smooth way.

In any case, make it an art form how you deal with prospects. If you do a good job, that can change your life. Remember, getting clients is no good if you lose them. But, if you can get them, and keep them, then you can become a large company and be rich!

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