Getting retweeted on twitter does miracles for your blog’s SEO

Even though, the total number of clicks to my blog was only a handful, the fact that people were clicking, reading, and enjoying, not to mention getting lots of retweeted did miracles for my blog’s optimization. Please keep in mind, that my persona twitter accounts are managed organically. We don’t do PPC, or use any special software such as unfollow software. We just follow hand-picked relevant, quality accounts and try to follow others who retweet tasteful material.

I started promoting my outsourcing blog on my travel twitter. This was an odd decision. I did this because many of the outsourcing articles were about social media optimization which is of interest to those who do social media for travel. Although the industry is different, they also do social media, they also do twitter, and they also supposedly want to optimize their results.

The secret to seeing your site or blog traffic take off using twitter is not having lots of followers, although that helps. It is more about how many new followers you have gotten recently, how many interactions there have been, how many retweets, and by whom. A lively twitter account can do miracles for your blog. Be lively yourself and follow other lively people either in your industry or related industries.

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