Spacing out your posts on Google+

As with any other social media site, it is not considered a best practice to publish tons of content all at the same time. But, if you are like me and devote a particular amount of time each day to social media, you tend to want to do more during that special time because you might flake during the rest of the day. I understand! But…

If you post two articles in a row on Google+
You will suffer in the search results, particularly if those articles use the same tags. If you publish articles with different tags, you won’t be penalized so much, but if you have two articles with the same tags, you should wait two hours or more before publishing the second article.

Publishing too much in general
If you want your posts to get seen, you can’t publish too much. On the other hand, to get any results out of Google+, you need to publish a lot, and publish on a lot of groups. I have been banned from groups for publishing content from my blogs which was purely informational and not self-promotion. They don’t care, and they often just enjoy banning people who they don’t like. I also got into trouble by having too much of my material removed from communities on Google+. If you publish too much, the material that you publish will also get buried by your newly published content. So, what is the solution? I publish from three separate groups. My main group gets my really juicy material. My #2 group gets extra content that might get me some clicks, but that I don’t want showing up on my main feed. My #3 group is for blog posts from a different blog and overflow that I don’t have room for on my main feed. Basically, I have a main feed, and two backups.

Risky Communities?
If you have had content removed from a particular community on Google+, you might think about publishing on that group from a different account. That way if your #2 account gets banned from Google+ for two weeks, or forever, you won’t lose much. Taking risks is not a bad thing so long as you don’t risk something that is expensive to replace! In general, I would not publish on more than two groups per day, and only safe groups as well. The minute you get a post removed from a community, remove that community from your main account and add it to your supplementary accounts.

Retweeting your own content
If you have multiple Google+ accounts, it is easy to republish your content on all sorts of groups without the content showing up multiple times on your main feed. On your supplementary accounts, it doesn’t matter if a post shows up three times in a row, but on your main feed that gets traffic it will look really unprofessional even to have a post show up twice! By retweeting your own content, your original Google+ profile ID still shows up on the post, and you can still attract followers to your main page. Tandem or tag-team social media techniques are a good idea. I have six Twitter accounts. If something does well on one account, I often retweet it on my other accounts (depending on how relevant it is to those accounts.)

Google+ is fun to use and can get you a lot of traffic if you use it right. But, they are tricky too, and you can get into a lot of trouble if you take liberties. So, be careful, and think outside the plus!

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