Hiring celebrity sound alikes to work at your call center

Working at a call center can be really fun or dismally boring depending on what you make of it. Fun call centers have competitions, fun staff, and fun activities. But, what if you went a step further and hired celebrity sound alikes?

It’s Elvis on the phone for you!
Imagine getting a call from Elvis Presley that your phone bill was overdue, or have Steve Jobs help you with your software problem. Imagine that Jennifer Lopez helps you return a product or the Barack Obama worked for a company doing medical process outsourcing! To me it sounds like good fun and possibly profitable as well.

British Accents
Many call centers try to hire people with really convincing British accents from the upper class. That is a quick way to add some class to your call center. Many folks in India have mastered British English, but they always seem to slip back into their Indian English after a few sentences. It might be expensive to hire the real thing, but it might be worth it for your bigger accounts at least as an option! Or if you have an account that needs someone more romantic, perhaps hiring a French, Italian or Argentinian might be the perfect choice. You could pick people to set the mood for any type of product or service if the client is willing to pay for it. But, why not? It would be much more fun for the end users and more fun for management too!

Hiring Real Celebrities
If you had a really good budget, you might even hire a real celebrity for an afternoon to make calls. People might get really excited. They could even send autographs out to callers. It’s too bad Elvis isn’t alive anymore, but there are many impersonators who still are. I remember seeing the Thai Elvis in Thai-town signing classic songs from way back. Unfortunately he got cancer and had to go back to Thailand, but he was famous in Los Angeles for more than a decade!

Splicing Real Celebrity Voices
The next option may or may not be legal, but you could have splices of words that celebrities have said on television and put them together to make a message that you send out by auto-dial at your call center. You might get in a lot of trouble, but you will have a lot of fun doing it, and that will really sound authentic.

In the meantime, I have to go back to the White House for some briefings!

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