Having stunning photos in your feed will boost Twitter followers!

Do you run a Twitter profile? Do you like it? Me too! But, getting new followers is not always as straight forward as the how to articles on blogs might lead you to presume. There are various ways to attract new visitors to your Twitter profile. Converting visitors to followers is a separate issue!

Attracting new visitors
If you get favorited, commented on or retweeted, you will attract visitors to your posts and to your profile. People will see your posts on other people’s profiles which is what you want! You can also attract visitors by following hundreds of people very day. The next thing that happens is that those appreciators of your posts might visit your profile page. That is where things can really go wrong.

When they visit your page pop up
The first thing people might see when they click on your profile name is your last four tweets — not your retweets. They will see content that you published including comments on other people’s profiles, your “thanks for following xoxo” notes, etc. If your last comment was something meaningless such as, “nice photo” or “huh?” then you can be assured you will not get any new followers. However, if your last comment was a classy joke, or a meaningful posts that got favorited by a few people, then you might attract people to view your whole page on a full screen which will show the retweets and your bio, etc.

hen they visit your full page
Once your visitor is on your full page, they will see your pinned post, your retweets, as well as your tweets all in one feed. Now, let’s assume that your last two posts were retweets of breathtaking photos, or meaningful industry specific posts with great graphics. If so, you will have a higher visitor : follower ratio. However, if you have boring photos, or no photos, posts that nobody liked, and a lot of off topic posts, plus meaningless dialogue with others such as, “you betcha” or “I liked that too.” then your visitor : follower rate will be bad — very very bad.

How do you master the art of choosing photos?
You need to study what your crowd likes. When you post retweets, which ones get interactions and which are ignored. If you can master the art of choosing content that people like, and get rid of the content they don’t, you will have a winning Twitter profile. I often will post the same popular retweets every several days assuming they continue to be systematically popular! Why not recycle a good idea?

Good luck
I hope you too master the art of Twitter. Twitter is fun, meaningful and can do SEO miracles for your blog and web site!

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