What to write about in your outsourcing profile on 123outsource.net

Many people advertise on 123outsource.net. Many claim that they get great leads from our directory as well. However, most companies do not describe their specialties clearly and do not write a good notes section for their advertising profile. So, what should companies put in their notes section? There are actually many points that a company could put. Many introduce their company and talk about their lofty corporate mission, but fail to give you even a vague clue what the company actually does which makes it unlikely that they will get any calls. Other companies have bullet points and go point by point what they do and all of their respective specialties. While a third category of companies writes about themselves as an individual and redundantly mentions their cell phone at the bottom of their notes as well as their address which is already in the contact information section of the listing. In any case, here are some winning ideas of what to put.

(1) Services & Specialties:
Examples: Inbound, Outbound, Telemarketing, Order Taking, Collections, Product Support, Technical Support, Help Desk, Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Custom Software Development, PHP, Java, .Net, etc.

(2) Training
How do you train your workers? What is unique about them?
Many companies create long paragraphs about how great their workers are without mentioning any specifics about how they are trained and what metrics they focus on. There are often vague claims about how they deliver more “value” to the client, or how they focus on training, but the nitty gritty would add some substance to the notes. Uniqueness and specifics sell while vagueness is a waste of the reader’s time.

(3) Management
What is unique about your management?
Once again, being specific about your uniqueness is much better than talking about some lofty mission goals that have nothing to do with your daily functioning.

(4) Other
Do you offer 24 hour service?
Are you international?
Does your staff speak American or British English?

(5) What is better about your BPO or call center?
Is there a way you can prove that your BPO operation is better without resorting to bragging? Some companies give compelling reasons why their company is better. Perhaps they have an impressive list of clients like IBM or Intel, or perhaps they have been in business longer, or have a larger staff. Others might hire better trained workers, or do a better job of training them in house. There are many reasons your company could be better or worse. Knowing how to express this is the difference between looking inexpensive vs. professional.

(6) Date of incorporation or inception
How long has your company been in business?

(7) What is the process of getting started and choosing your reps?
How hard is it to switch a rep if you don’t like the first one? I often don’t like a particular call center worker or programmer and want to switch them. Companies are often very sluggish about letting me swap workers.

(8) Who are some of your best clients?
Such as international companies like IBM, Burger King, Walmart, etc.

(9) What are your rates per rep for different levels of service?
Do you make prospective clients pull teeth to find out what their options are, or do you lay the various choices and price breaks on the table for them to choose?

(10) If you have a mission statement, that is not a bad thing to add.
Sometimes mission statements can sound very cheesy, and often they are used instead of much needed specific information about your services. But, if you have a legitimate mission statement and company goal, that might be valued by prospective clients.

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