Geting more clickers on your site, a humorous look at analytics

If you run a website, you want more clicks, or clickers. If lots of people visit your site every day, this is a positive state of affairs. It is good when you get new people visiting your site regularly, and keep the old ones coming back. Not all clicks are alike as some people spend a long time reading your content while others just come for a few seconds and then bounce along to their next destination. Ideally, a certain amount of clicks translates loosely into a conversion, so try to keep track of how many clicks results in a conversion and click on what pages, or from what social media channels. Putting conversions aside, if someone visits your site, spends a few minutes, and visits a handful of pages, that could translate into being considered a very high quality click, while clicks that only last a few seconds browsing might make your stats appealing to you, but are generally useless by Google’s standards and are almost completely useless in real life.

Of course, down South, black people call us whites crackers as whites in the 1800’s used to crack the whip to get slaves to work faster. So, if you get clicks from down South, your clickers will be crackers. But, I apologize for my humor and am sorry to have made a crack about clicks.

But, I have a joke.

Did you hear about the boxing match between a South African Xhosa, and a Southern Redneck?

The match was entitled: The Cracker vs. the Clicker.

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