Hiring people who help your customers “open up” can work wonders

If you talk to your clients about business, that is good. But, to really have a good relationship with them you need to really interact with them and figure out what they really want. You can sell much more to them if you really understand them. But, you might not be the best person to chat with them. It might make sense to hire someone with a really good personality who is sharp to feel them out. If you hire Janice and Janice talk to your clients one by one for a few minutes, or maybe up to twenty minutes, she might get more of their feelings to surface than you because of her personality, or how she talks to them. Her gender might be a factor as people interact differently with men than they do with women.

Having a source of information about your clients might be useless unless you can also figure out what to do with the information. If Clint wants you to get back to him more often and you don’t do it — the information is useless. If Mary wants monthly progress reports, you wasted your time hiring Janice unless you act on that tip.

Smart businesses know they need to customize their offerings to their clients. Each client should be treated differently. Some hotels keep databases on what their clients like. When I call Choice, they know I want a single king, non-smoking room and no newspaper. They know I like the second floor, and they know I do not like room service. They know I am single and have no pets other than the spirit of my departed cat who comes to visit me in spirit form during my dreams. The bottom line is, how smart is your business, and how well do you know your customers? Find phone staff that can help them open up, and you might know a lot more about them.

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