Is a woman’s productivity less than a man’s in the workforce?

I have a friend who is slightly biased. I grew up with very feminist and “liberal” people who didn’t believe in traditional notions. However, as I am growing older, I realize that women’s behavior in the work world is not like men at all. What are the differences?

Feminists say that women can do anything that a man can do just as well or better. This is partly true, but what makes it not true?

1. Pregnancy
If a woman becomes pregnant and has a child, she will not be able to work her job the same way a man will. Additionally, after the child is born, it will need its mommy, and if mommy is working forty hours a week and commuting, who will be raising the child? You can’t be both — you can’t compete in the work world and be a mommy at the same time. You either need to choose one or the other, or divide your time equitably by working part-time or preferably part-time from home.

2. Mid-life burnout
Men have a mid-life crisis sometimes in their late forties or fifties. They want to get the sports car, leather pants, travel, have affairs, try new things. They grow tired of work sometimes. Perhaps this is temporary. I have my mid-life crisis every several months and then I snap out of it and get focused. Women often have a crisis in their thirties where they lose their drive to be a good worker and long for meaning in their lives. They often want to slow down and be at home. This is because women are genetically programmed to nest, not hunt — something feminists can’t get through their heads!

3. Menopause
Women do not work as effectively in their late fifties. They get more cranky, and slow down. It is hard to do well in the work world if you are upset all the time and have less energy.

4. High Turnover
As far as people I have interacted with, I have seen that the businesses I am familiar with have a 100% turnover rate with female employees. A local social media company assists me with Facebook. Only one of their female employees lasted longer than three years. At our local massage place, five years later the two guys who manage it are still there. But, not one of their ladies has lasted more than three years.

5. Overtime
Are women as willing to do overtime as men? I have heard mixed reviews on this. But, if you have a family and kids, it becomes almost impossible to do this without sacrificing in a devastating way.

6. Drama
When men lose their temper at work you have a flare up. But, my experience working with men is that they are there to work. Women like to complain more and create dramas much more than men.

7. Patience
This is one area where women in their twenties do much better than men. Men are judged by their accomplishments and are in a huge hurry to get ahead, but sometimes want to cut corners or get out of doing the work necessary to achieve this. Women are more willing to put up with unflattering work year after year. Additionally, women who get ahead almost always do so by sticking with the same job for fifteen or more years and learning to be good at all of the facets of the job.

8. Trauma
I have noticed that women tend to excel in the field of medicine and education. These are industries that combine intelligence, patience, and nurturing — traits that come naturally to the average woman. However, jobs requiring being involved in hostile situations such as the police force, the military, or even the legal field bring out over-aggressiveness in women and also lead to mental trauma in women. Men suffer from PTSD after military tours, but women who I have experienced first hand go much more off their rocker after having military and/or police experience. They feel they have to overcompensate for being a woman by being extra harsh and brutal, not to mention the trauma which seems to affect them much more strongly than it affects men. How many decades will it take for the military to realize that men are biologically programmed to be able to handle stressful combat situations a lot better than women are.

The reason why women are not equivalents to men in the workplace has nothing to do with intelligence. It has everything to do with biological programming, emotional stability, and family obligations. Putting aside the fact that many women are excellent workers, they were programmed to nest, not hunt. How many more centuries will it take until society figure this out? After being raised and strong-armed by feminists my entire childhood, it is hard to get reality into my head and forced notions of gender equality out of my head. It has taken me 28 years, and I still see the world through colored feminist glasses, but I’m beginning to come to my senses.

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