Microsoft Windows 10 will be free for Windows 7 & 8.1 users

Microsoft has attacked itself. They tested Microsoft 10 by trying to hack it. The good news is that Windows 10 will be fre to owners of Windows 8 and 7 for the first year after its release. This way, many of their customers will upgrade quickly and enthusiastically. Windows 10 is designed to become a traditional paid version of Windows.

Most of the upgrades will probably be switched after a year. Hopefully, word on the street will be positive enough so that skeptics decide to get this product. And finally, those who don’t want to upgrade, will get the new version anyway next time they get a new computer. So, it looks as if Microsoft has covered all of the bases.

Additionally, Microsoft is emulating Google by offering lots of free services. Microsoft is offering maps, “The Garage”, and even software training sessions. Microsoft hopes that by offering lots of free services, that will increase loyalty to its core services. In my experience, it will.

Does your company learn from Microsoft and Google? Maybe you should. Perhaps you could find some additional free services or information to your clients or to the general public that would make people more interested in doing business with you. The more positive experiences you create, the better your name will be. The most valuable asset you have in business is your name!

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