A special moment with pecan fudge & a social media breakthrough

You know it is amazing. Google understands this, and I’m beginning to also. The best conversations happen spontaneously. They could happen at lunch, or when you’re just stopping by to say hi, or bumping into someone in the hallway. I like my webmaster, and give him small tokens of appreciation from time to time. Generally things that are off his diet. Too many people give him wine, so what does that leave? It leaves gourmet fudge from tourist destinations like Yosemite!

But, I just stopped over to bring him some fudge. I figured if he hadn’t finished his diet, his kids could gobble it up. But, we started talking about all of my various social networks. I couldn’t figure out which one to focus my efforts on. He told me to do a detailed analysis of how much work I put into each and what the effort is per unit of work. After I finished this, the results were very interesting. Facebook won the competition. Twitter came in 3rd. So, I started really putting a lot more effort into Facebook. The results were that my Facebook got 5500 clicks this month while before I had that little chat with my webmaster m clicks were only about 300.


We had another little chat over some Wagyu steak that was equally fruitful. We talked about how to test a web development company. We came up with a simple, but detailed preliminary test during dinner. My two experiences prove that if you want to have business breakthroughs, having something delicious on the table will facilitate those breakthroughts — big breakthroughs too.

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