If you were already successful, what would you do differently in your business?

If I was successful, I would have a nice office. Or perhaps, I would buy a nice big home in a nice area and have a home office or loft where workers could come and work. I don’t like commuting in the morning as I am very sluggish before 3pm and get up late. Hmm, what else would I do? Oh! I know! I would have a company jet.

I would hire more helpers
But seriously, are any of these suggestions practical? What types of things could large amounts of money do to facilitate the successfulness of your business? Personally, I might hire more people to help me. I do most of my work myself now because I want a high salary. If I hired too many others, I would have to share my money. But, what if I hired part timers by the hour to help me with various tasks including management tasks? I don’t have time to do everything myself, so getting quality help in small amounts might really be a good idea!

I would get a part time manager
My biggest business problem is that I have a lot of work I need to do myself and also need to keep track of others. I can’t do both at the same time especially if others are not being responsive or slacking off because they know I am too busy to watch them. Hiring someone to keep track of everything and get back to me would simplify managing others. You might think of it as an Executive Assistant paid by the hour! They could hire people, make suggestions of who to fire, research candidates for various tasks, keep track of everyone’s progress and the general check list, plus more. Hmmm.

So, to sum it up, if I were rich, I’d have a great home office, an Executive Assistant for 15-30 hours a month, and more helpers. Maybe I should do all of that or some of that now… But, enough about me.

What would you do differently?
Think about what you really need that you can’t afford. If you keep that thought in mind, eventually you will be able to afford more, and you will be able to get what you need little by little. The corporate jet idea still needs to be kept in the air, and the limo idea needs to be put in park for now. But, you might find some practical things that can really change your life that are affordable like some better quality help, and perhaps a treadmill or an espresso machine to perk you up.

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