Most likely to succeed; What does that mean?

Were you voted most likely to succeed in high school? Or did your friends think you were most likely to fail? The truth is that school is not at all like life. In many ways school doesn’t prepare you for life. The types of things that are important in life are relationships, marriage, being a good parent, work skills, and getting along with those at work, health, spirituality, and enjoying yourself. How many schools teach the principles of child-rearing or how to pick a good spouse? Sex-ed maybe, but not the other useful skills. I always joke that the only useful classes I took in Junior High that gave me information I actually was able to use were typing, and sexual education (scared me more than it taught me, especially when we got to the part about AIDS — yikes.)

I had a friend who did really well at school. He even studied at Harvard extension. But, in life, he couldn’t hold a job. His inability to relate to people and commit to developing a career got in his way. I did particularly poorly at school, but had the passion to start a business and succeed. So, although in high school I was not someone who others thought would succeed, I did anyway!

I think that we need to lead ourselves in many ways as school doesn’t know what we really need. Try to challenge yourself daily to deal with your weak points. What are you worst at that will limit you in your future? Do you think you should work at that? I think you should make a list of things you are bad at or don’t like to do that limit your success and work at those. Are you bad at relating to people? Maybe it is time to start meeting more people. Are you bad at organizing your time? Start working at that — at a time that is convenient for you of course. Are you timid around authorities? Start hanging around with professors, police officers, and others in high places (even if they don’t want you around.) It is hard to know what we need to succeed, but I can guarantee you that school will not furnish you with what you need other than some boring math and history classes. Good luck!

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