You might be stuck in traffic, but you are on the road to success!

I first saw this quote on Twitter. It is perfect for Twitter because it is short, fun, and true! But, this quote has a deeper meaning which I learned about yesterday. One of my blog writers is truly brilliant. He writes the most interesting content around. But, he obsesses with small issues and we had an exchange of ten emails over a Paypal fee. He is concerned with small issues rather than looking at the bigger picture! He should acknowledge that he is a popular blog writer with my audience and doing a great job. He is successful where others don’t even try.

As humans, we tend to get stuck thinking about the headaches of the day. What we need to be able to do is to transcend this and look at the bigger picture. Maybe we have to do some task that ties up all of our time. But, maybe this is the task that makes us successful. We need to see the deeper meaning in the small tasks we do. All of the little things we do every day add up to a bigger picture. And perhaps we do a few things daily that add up to ultimate failure as well. I should really stop eating ice cream so often! So, let’s change our perspective, and focus on the bigger picture, and on our success.

It is funny, but a long time ago I figured out what doing business boils down to. Sure there are complicated deals and sophisticated analysis that occur in business. But, the majority of what we do is writing addresses down on pieces of paper, Fedex envelopes, and databases. It is funny that business is really that simple in many ways. Most of the tasks we do are actually pathetically simple. But, if you do them in a disciplined and timely way, those simple tasks can add up to tremendous wealth! So, keep at it!

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