How to be on vacation six months a year & still run your business

It’s a popular blog topic to discuss being on vacation all year round or part of the year and still being able to run a profitable business. The reality is that you can do it. However, there is some technique involved.

Many of us crave a change in scenery.
We love where we live, but we get bored of it. It’s the same old people every day. Even if you love the same old people, it’s fun to meat some different new (or young) people. When we go on vacation, we are normally in a huge rush. We have limited time to be away because we have to be back at work and clock in. Some of us only get two weeks of time off for a vacation per year. Should it be France or Spain this year you might ask.

I take a vacation every month
How can I afford it you ponder? I travel off-season for one. I often visit Arizona when it’s hot and get to stay at five star hotels for $150 a night. Or I might visit San Diego in the Winter when it’s not that popular. I lived in India for some time while I was there on spiritual business. I basically am away from home a lot, yet I keep things running.

Off-season travel & deals
It is common for people who like to work away from home to be good at getting deals. There are credit cards that will give you hotel and airfare points. There are other ways travelers can travel the world for pennies as well. Some do couch serving, others do Air B&B. A few teach English overseas to make an income.

How does one get anything done?
I notice that there are certain locations where I get a lot of work done. I have a few spots in Arizona where I feel like working all the time. I have a spot in Northern California where I can’t stop working. There are other places such as Santa Cruz, CA where I feel like meditating and reading the entire day — and I do. The main point is that while away, I need to make sure I do my emails, call lists, and whatever other responsibilities I have decided to take with me. If I am in a lazy location, nothing will get done — I won’t even crack open my laptop. But, if I am in a place that is affordable enough to stay for a few days and has a vibe that gives me mojo — I get a ton done.

Others do what I do, but travel the world.
There are shared offices in Thailand, Bali and other popular locations that hobo entrepreneurs use to run their show. Berlin is a popular destination with very low costs as well. Others stick to their hotel rooms. You can live like a king for pennies in Southeast Asia. Hotels are cheap, food is amazing and cheap, you can even afford a massage twice a week for a few dollars a shot. All you need is a phone-line or internet phone and good internet, and you can run your business. You need to do your research, but mostly it is about habits.

When I was in India, I used internet cafes.
I was in them daily for hours getting my work done. Unfortunately it was very uncomfortable in those stacking chairs. Indians are built smaller than I am so it is less cumbersome for them. I also had an international phone plan. It wasn’t cheap, but I was able to make calls for more critical deals whenever I needed to. I called America from time to time to talk to my assistant and to purchase photos from web development.

For deep thought, nothing beats home.
I know that others love to write blogs about how they saved $2000 a month on rent by being in Laos half the year and how they loved it. I get a lot done on the road. But, I go for my health to be in the forests and deserts of America or to go to spiritual events. I feel that my best work happens at home. But, for emails and repetitive phone calls, I can often get more done away from home if the environment suits me. I go away and generally mix up my activities. I’ll hike for a few hours, meditate, eat at a new restaurant and then do a few hours of work. It’s not like home where I have already seen all of the attractions. When I’m home, I work, and then have a late dinner. When I’m on the road, my life takes on a new variety of alternative directions.

Sample your new location before committing
Yes, it’s fun to work away from home. But, you need to be acquainted with the location. If you go to China, you might not be able to use Google which would stop me dead in my tracks. If your email gets hacked, you need a plan for how to recover when your incoming phone calls (that will contain the rescue text) will still come through. You need to know if it is safe and if you can stand being there day after day. I am used to travel and can stand long periods of loneliness. Others can’t handle it for more than half a day. So, do your research and you can engineer the lifestyle of your dreams — and enjoy it while you are awake!

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