The angels decide your fate in business

Many of us feel that our business success depends on us. Others leave it to luck or market conditions. When people do poorly, they often blame it on the economy. The truth is that our success depends on us, but also on consciousness, and even on the angels.

We are not alone in this world. There are spirits and angels all around us. You might not see them (and you might get locked up in an insane asylum if you do see them) but they were there. A lot of who we meet, what we do for a living, and what happens to us is decided above. It is a common expression that marriages are made in heaven. Even the unhappy marriages are often made in heaven as a way for us to work on our spiritual problems. Relationships force us to learn to deal with others better and to deal with ourselves better as well.

When I tythe by giving to charity, my sales go way up. This is because giving to the poor is a spiritually recognized activity prescribed by most religions. When you give, you open up channels that will send you more money and other valuable help from the universe. In a sense, by giving, you become a conduit, and you become more like God himself as God spends his entire existence doing work and creating for the benefit of others. My biggest mistake in business in the past was not giving enough. Additionally, I will say that God is very particular about which charity you give to. If you see huge rewards for giving to particular charities, then perhaps that is where God wants you to channel your finances. If you didn’t get much benefit in terms of good luck after giving to a particular charity, it might be corrupt in some way that is not visible from the surface.

Another huge issue with success in business is consciousness. When I hang out in wealthy places, that often helps my business make more money even though I am not doing business with those wealthy people at the wealthy places — I pick up their consciousness just by being there. When I do a little sales every day instead of leaving it all to my sales lady, our total sales go way up because my mind gets into the consciousness of sales. I have twenty tasks that I have to do daily including Twitter, Blogging, managing programmers, site admin, etc. But, if I include an hour of sales — miracles happen.

Basically, the point of this blog is to tell business owners to focus their mind on whatever the most beneficial things are for your business. Sometimes that might mean sales, or marketing, or site design. Other times it means hanging out in wealthy places. And give to charity. God rewards those who do his work. God’s work gets done through our hands, and he will be a lot nicer to you if you are one of his helpers.

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