The best business dream I ever had was about lions & giraffes

We all love to dream.
Some of us dream while we are sleeping while others daydream at work during a boring assignment. But, my life got a whole lot more interesting when I learned to analyze my dreams. I have been seeing Walter for years now. He is a gifted psychic as well as a talented dream analyst. Not only did he teach me what my dreams meant, but he taught me some of the basics of dream analysis. I am nowhere near as good as he is, but I generally get about 40% as much interpretation out of my dreams as he does which is not bad — plus I’m getting better as time passes.

I dream about all types of things.
Once I dreamed that my wallet was in a stream. I picked it up and then there were some coins there. My income was sky height that month. I dreamt about co-workers and what was going on in their life. I dream about what I’m going through emotionally as well. Some of my dreams are about childhood while a few are about things that happened in past lives, or even a few years in the future like my trip to Dubai insh’allah! I have a 300 page journal filled with all of my dreams for the last ten years. It all started when I had a dream of a whale surfacing from the deep and my guru refused to interpret it for me. It turned out to be a dream about my spiritual group. But, my psychic explained all of the symbology to me until I got it.

Lions & Giraffes
Animals in dreams are fun as well as meaningful. Each animal could represent a part of you. On the other hand, the character of the animal is even more important than which type of animal it was. Was it angry, happy, or taking a nap after licking its paws? My favorite dream of all time was me walking in Africa. There were some large lions walking down the road straight towards me. I didn’t run out of the way. I walked straight towards them and bumped against them while walking by. That is such a macho New York type of behavior for people in high school by the way. Then, I saw a herd of baby giraffes who were cute. The real meaning of the dream had nothing to do with how beautiful and cute these giraffes were.

What did the dream mean?
The lions in the dream represented my robust side. I have gone from being timid to being angry to confident. Me walking straight towards those lions represented fearlessness — the best attribute a warrior can have — and business is just like war in many ways. The giraffes represented being able to see the future. Since giraffes have long necks they can see who is coming from far away. My giraffes were still babies, but they show that the ability to see the long-term is growing within me fast these days.

Pay attention to your dreams.
I don’t know what type of dreams you have, but if you write them down, they might be more interesting than you can possibly imagine. Dreams are information encrypted with universal symbols. The information in dreams is real, but might be past, future, or present and often doesn’t have a provable or definitive meaning. However, I feel that dream information is valuable. So, keep track of what you dream — you never know how important that information could be for you in the long run.

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